Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Wish, I Wish...

I have been tagged by the gorgeous Sonia from Life, Love and Hiccups  
to share my Christmas wish list.
Now, really, no. 1 on my list should be a home like Sonia's.
After a post in which Sonia gave us a 'virtual tour' of her home, I was a smidgen (if a smidgen is a ton) greener in complexion.
But, in truth, I really haven't been that good this year.
And my en suite is nearly, almost, just about, any-day-now 'Sonia's home worthy'.

So, I'm happy here and don't really wish for a lot.

Ok, the one thing my heart really desires can't be purchased (not legally in Australia anyway) so I've got some stocking fillers here instead...

  • I would love me a marathon bracelet charm to commemorate my 42km achievement this year (and to brag shamelessly when asked about it - or even when not asked about it).

  • I guess I be needing myself a Pandora type charm bracelet then too - or the charm becomes pretty defunct. (Ahem, Hubby the catalogue is in your top drawer.)

  • Then 'cause I don't wanna look like it's all about me (even though it may well be) I'll have to have a charm or five symbolising my beautiful family and other passions, right? (I'm not sure if chocolate, lists, gorgeous children, overcooking food or overthinking are bona fide charms  - but they should be.)

  • Perfume
  • iTunes
  • books
  • anything from the hands of Magoo
  • anything from Lorna Jane
  • anything from Typo
  • anything from Peter Alexander
  • anything quirky from any home wares store
  • or anything resembling a pedicure
       -would never fail to please this chook on any day of the year.

There you go.
I did pretty well for someone who doesn't wish for a lot, hey??!!

Now I'll play tag.
I'm tagging you...
Lou @ Sunny + Scout
Julie @ Mama of 2 Boys
Jennie @ Posie Patchwork - the blog
Loz @ Ninja Tales
Karla @ Ironmum Karla

What's on your list this year?
Have you been naughty or nice?!
Shar :-)


Tara @ Mum-ments said...

Loving your list! I have a few of those things on my list too although i think top of my list would to actually be able to get something off my list haha

Romina Garcia said...

I think I may just cut and paste your list and make it my own. I think I've been very good this year, and what I would really like for Christmas is a date with my husband. Somewhere out for dinner just the two of us. Wads of cash would be nice too.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

Your list sounds fabulous Shar. i think my list just grew. The Pandora bracelet is fabulous. My hubby bought me one for a wedding anniversary present years ago and it has now been filled by family and friends and I love that each charm has a story or a reason why they bought it for me.
You are so sweet about the house tour. Don't be envious hun - your bathroom is totally rocking it and I am sure your home is just beautiful like you.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oooo I love your wish list items Shar, I do hope the Christmas angels are reading, so they may grant you a few or all of those wishes :o)
You should totally get a charm to commemorate your marathon achievement, you SO deserve that much xo
Thanks for the tag, I'll get onto it, right after I put together another one I've been tagged to do... I think by Sonia actually!

My Beautiful World said...

You have some great wishes here would like a few of those myself. hope Santa brings them all. Have a lovely day.

Always Wendy