Wednesday, November 9, 2011

52 Week Project : Wk 8

This week's pic was taken in my newly discovered (and newly opened to the public) happy place -  Rio Tinto's Naturescape @ Kings Park in Perth.

Apparently it's for the kids.
This reliving my childhood business is, well, the business.
Magoo actually asked me why I kept thanking him for playing with me at the Naturescape the day we visited. 
Clever Clogs pointed out that apparently I took him there, rather than the other way around.

My feet.
Dry, cracked, veiny, misshapen, bunions developing before my very eyes.

Sorry. That's really not in the spirit of the 52 Week Project, is it?
So let's pretend I love 'em.

If I'm being fair these are the same feet that carry me through each day (and the odd night).
The feet that have endured ill fitting shoes, killer heels and a relentless stream of student's chair legs.
The feet that love to run and that have clocked up some marathon miles this year.
The feet that lie neglected until Hubby takes pity on them or I slap on a bit of polish in a last ditch effort as I'm halfway out the door.
The feet that are still going strong and haven't let me down yet, despite years of abuse.

When I'm feeling particularly hatey on my feet, I recall how they looked in that hospital post-birth-of-Magoo and all seems beautiful again.

That sweet little left foot in the bottom right hand corner.
The one with the small-big toe that has been sticking up since birth - no matter how relaxed the rest of the monkey is. 
I could kiss that little thing all day.

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Shar :-)


Naomi said...

Your feet look fine to me! Love the read polish.
And yes they have done some pretty amazing things, so I'd be proud of them.

As for little ones feet, they are always so delicious aren't they!

Lee said...

Your feet are lovely! The little foot at the so precious. xx

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

You tricked me - You told me you have Ugly feet and you soooo DO NOT have ugly feet!! xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh how cute, I didn't notice Magoo's little tootsie until you mentioned it, then went back and found it :o)
Your feet look pretty lovely from where I'm sitting. But I know what you mean, they cop some serious abuse, no wonder they're one of the ugliest body parts... mine are terrible and sometimes I wonder whether my nail polish only brings attention to that fact... but I couldn't let the toe nails go bare, never! xo

Peggy said...

Ok they are the cutest feet I ever did see! Love the red nails. :)

permanently amanda said...

I have a love hate thing going with my feet too. never happy unless they are bare because , well, big, wide and bunions likely. I have always insisted to Miss 5 that she find pretty but sensible shoes. It is not worth the pain of anything else.

And nail polish does make them a bit spesh, doesn't it? :)

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

Your feet are FAR from ugly!!! Love the red polish as well! Oh that litle foot with it's sticky up toe is adorable!

Thea said...

Nice.....I can feel the tension release from here!

And post baby while still in hospital feet are hideous, aren't they?

You feet are lovely. :)