Friday, November 18, 2011

Grateful For... Reclaimed Head Space

Reports are a-go!
My school reports are done and dusted (bar the final preview and print) for another semester.
As Magoo would say "iz dun, Mum".

Despite the fact that they consume me, I love writing reports.
I'm a teacher nerd.
 And proud of it.

When I'm in report mode I think in reporting language.
I phrase responses in that 'teacher tone' and then have to filter them to sound half normal.

I spend a lot of time invested in 'getting it right' and pore over results, tables and data.
I tip tap away every night and curse the programmers who make the system so user-hostile.
I think very carefully about how my comments will appear to parents and try (oh-so-hard-sometimes) to put a positive spin on some harsh realities.

I love how there is so much genuine progress to report at this time of year and how close I've become to so many of the fabulous kids I'm writing about.

For all my other countless inadequacies, I write a mean report.
If I may say so myself.
(As in relatively well written, not nasty mean.)

That said, the afternoon that I finished my reports (or thought I had. Damn you edits.) I paid a stack of bills, tidied the study, made a decent meal - from scratch you hear, ordered our Christmas cards, made a bunch of lists and started my Christmas shopping.
I reclaimed some much needed head space - 'cause there ain't that much to go around here!

I've pretty much been able to focus on  Master Magoo and reports  - and not much else - in recent weeks.

As much fun as being in front a computer programme with a razzle dazzle name (intended to trick us into thinking that spending many nights and weekends in it's company is an exciting prospect) is, I feel freeeeee today.

Free to get into the festive spirit and get geared up for the bulging calender that sits before me.
Free to start cracking the whip on this renovation business.
Free to get into the great outdoors and do some damage gardening.
Free to actually watch something on Hubby's new girlfriend television.
Free to find that party frock to carry me through the next month or so.

Happy weekend!

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Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh yes Shar, I can imagine you write a mean report, I think the children and parents would look forward to receiving them. You've definitely got a talent for the written word :o)
Such an uplifting and feel good post. Reading about your afternoon leaves me feeling very inspired... and a tad lazy that I don't seem to manage to get so many things done like that.
Ooo love a new frock, especially one for party time. I bought one myself, the other day. Classic black, but so so pretty. Good luck with that list of things you feel so free to do now xo

Anonymous said...

My Bestie is a teacher and has been in report mode time consuming, I think she gets her head space next week.
Thank you to the wonderful caring teachers that give a damm about our kids education!!

Lauren said...

I'm the youth worker at a secondary school and when it come's to report time...I am oh so glad I don't have to do it! Glad it's done and your head space is reclaimed!

Peggy said...

Funny that the title that stood out for me on Maxabella loves' linky list brought me to you! 'Reclaimed head space', I like it.

I am inspired by your little checklist there, what an effort! I have had to resort to making a to-do list with the simplest of tasks in my diary, otherwise weeks and months pass and I forget to do the smallest of things in time. Ok off to start on my list, wish me luck!

Kudos on the mean report writing, I hope the parents of your students appreciate your diplomatic and kind approach. I know I would. :) xo

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

Wowza woman, what you did, finishing all that!, was splendid! And wohoo!!! Yes, now go outside, soak up the sun, and play (or garden, or SHOP--my choice of fun. lol)!

melissa said...


I've just finished my Dip. Ed and I'm glad to be doing relief teaching next year so I won't have to worry about reports. You almost make them sound interesting though!

Marcy said...

I'm a teacher, and I just finished a round of parent conferences, and--yes--it feels wonderful to have that job done and not on my mind. There were a lot of positive ones this quarter, too. :)

Naomi said...

Hooray! It's such a great feeling isn't it.
I love writing them too, and like you want each one to really be about that particular child.

I've finished mine too... now I think I can begin to think about Christmas.

Bring on the end of term I say! xxx

Thea said...

I was thinking 'what kind of crazy is she, liking reports??

Then I read your post and you made me miss writing the darn things!! lol

But back in the days when I wrote them, I actually 'wrote' them. No computer programs. And had to re-write any with errors (boss didn't like liquid paper), now that is painful!!

Well done on getting them done. There really is no better feeling than signing the last one.

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

Well done you. I can only imagine what beautiful things you have written about those kids.

I love that feeling of freedom to tackle all the things on your to do list.
Enjoy, you have earnt it :) xx

Anne said...

I hope you had a lovely weekend! I am your newest follower:)

Seana Smith said...

Hello, glad it's done and suited. I can tell you that a well thought through report is really appreciated by parents!

Romina Garcia said...

My eldest starts school next year and I CAN'T WAIT to start reading her reports lol!!

Peta said...

my reports are finished too! so glad mine are done for another year. Although now all i dream about is what class/position i might be given for next year and i won't find out until week 10!!!