Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where Do They Come From?

Do you ever see a random pair of knickers, jocks, a single sock (or worse, much worse) on the footpath, the verge or the road and wreck your head with the possibilities?
The back story.

A girlfriend recently recounted a tale of her toddler daughter throwing a brand new coveted Haviana thong out of the car window at an intersection - and her subsequent glamorous retrieval of said thong.

So there's one perfectly plausible reason for rogue, single thongs in tiny sizes on the road.

But what about those undies?

Are people simply disrobing in plain view on the streets around the place?

Has someone left their washing basket in the back of the ute, only to lose some precious (or not so precious) cargo on a speed bump?

Is my sinister-crime-fiction-reading-mind correct and the spot is actually the scene of a terrible assault?

Did some poor child neglect to zip up their swimming bag and unknowingly drop items of clothing from a to b, Hansel and Gretel style?

Did a mighty gust of wind carry them from a nearby washing line, leaving behind empty pegs and a bewildered owner?

Did a couple of those randy teenagers get busy right here on the footpath? (Would explain some of the "much worse" type of roadside souvenirs too.)

The mind boggles.
Therefore, the mind should probably get on with some work.

If you happen to know the backstory that accounts for at least one item out there on the streets - do share and partially put me out of my misery, please.

Shar :-)


Aneets said...

I wonder that too. Actually my big mystery is how those rogue shoes end up on the electricity wires? Who is walking around with one shoe and bothered to throw the other one all the way up there?

Bubby Makes Three said...

oh dear god. It is perplexing, isn't it? Shudder....... but a tiny bit funny ;)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha, you make me laugh so much Shar. It's frightening how similarly we think about some things... or maybe that's a marvellous thing!?
I have often been carried away with the 'back story' to various random objects I've encountered. It's kinda fun thinking up weird and wonderful scenarios... and kinda disturbing that I can put so much time and energy into coming up with stories and yet I still can't get everything done that I actually need to. Little less of the wild imagination, little more action I am thinking :o/ xo

Sierra said...

Tee hee, i remember being in a car with my boyfriend. My underwire had come loose on one side, and was sticking into me. While in the car, with boyfriend driving, i took the bra off, and put it on the dashboard, til i finished rearranging my clothes, so i could fix it.
As we turned a corner, the bra went sliding off the dashboard and out the window!

Mum on the Run said...

Excellent - that's one child's thong and one bra with exposed underwire accounted for!!