Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Telltale Signs

How do you know your spoilt toddler has been
particularly 'challenging' and 'vocal' today?

You spend most of playgroup lip reading over the sound of shrieking and persistent whinging in your ear - while everyone else pretends it's not bothering them at all.
That's how.
Thank you patient Mummies.

Your beautiful neighbour takes it upon herself to bring you over a freshly poured glass of muumy juice at 4.30pm!
That's how.
Thank you kind comrade.

Your Hubby hasn't been in the door two seconds before sending a certain little three year old into his room.
That's how.
Thank you beautiful back up.

You put dinner on and lock yourself in the study, desperately trying to distract yourself and ignore the commotion on the other side of the door.
That's how.
Thank you lovely blogland.

Wonder where my neighbour put the bottle?!

Shar :-)

What's the go with the Boy Wonder today, Mum?


Peggy said...

Stay in the study, the rest can wait. I hope tomorrow is less 'energetic' for you. :)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh boy, can I relate to this Shar! A trip to Nana & Pop's (my parents) can often do that to our toddler! And we had a beautiful... yet thoroughly spoiling... day there today.
Great to see you have so much positive backup at times like these :o) xo