Monday, September 12, 2011

Point + Shoot : Me, Me, Me + Me!

Sunday - 1:30pm
Yes - I know. Shock, Horror. This is a Magoo-free photo.
And, d'ya know what- that's okay sometimes. 
This pic really captures my weekend.
Newly pedicured but still mangled toes, book in hand, sun streaming in, both my boys content and snoring behind shot.
In a word - selfish.
See, I said my weekend even.
Not ours. Mine.

I'm wavering between guilt and gloat here!

This weekend has been the most indulgent, selfish couple of days I can remember in quite a few years.

From my favourite outsourced meal of Japanese take away on Friday night,
to a beautiful chilled out run on Saturday morning,
to the totally indulgent. long awaited, deal of the century pampering at Lush Beauty Salon with a bestie, 
(thank you, wise Living Social purchase months ago!),
to midday nibbles on the couch with my beautiful boys, the papers and the footy,
to lazing the afternoon away with neighbours, energetic dogs, my men and a dose of vitamin D,
to a gorgeous, hilarious dinner with the girls Saturday night,
to what turned into the BIG RIDICULOUSLY MASSIVE night out with the girls well into Sunday morning,
to begging Hubby to "please take him away" when Magoo came into our bed not even 45 minutes after I had got there
(in fairness, it was morning and I had been shamefully incredibly late - or early- home)
to a Sunday morning coffee with a long lost friend while our little boys played and our big boys paddled their skis,
to the seriously sweet snuggles I enjoyed with Magoo in church,
to a book in the afternoon sunshine while the boys napped,
to a gorgeous afternoon with friends at the Marina and a dinner of deliciously greasy fish and chips.

Note the distinct lack of anything even remotely resembling what the media/stereotypes shove down our throats as being associated with 'good mothering'?
Like baking, cleaning, cooking, mopping, sewing, disinfecting, crafting, gardening, breastfeeding, returning to the catwalk rocking a cut away one piece weeks after giving birth - naturally and drug free of course.

No, nope, no way. None of that here this weekend.

The closest I got to wearing my Miranda 'Mummy of the Moment' tiara was a bit of laundry (which involved stupidly  'pinking' some non pink items - fail anyway!), some general tidying, watering the thirsty plants and slapping together cop-out 'taste plate' lunches.

Just quietly, it was awesome.

Wanna come Point + Shoot with bridesmaid Lou @ Sunny + Scout?

Shar :-)


HappeningsOfUs said...

Glad to know im not the only one who "pinks up" the laundry lol

Kylie @ The Rockgarden said...

Now, that looks really, really good. *sigh*

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Such a relaxing picture.

we're aloud to be a little or alot selfish sometimes. :)

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Amelia {Weddings, Babies... Everything} said...

An indulgent weekend sounds utterly fabulous!! Glad you enjoyed it. x

Teresa said...

Sounds divine - Good on you!

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Sounds fabulous! Well done you, you totally deserved it. xxx

Tamsyn said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Ooo and I thought my weekend was good! Little bit green with envy here at that beautiful shot of your tootsies by the pool, lucky you :o) All well deserved of course, I'm happy for you Shar. Weekends like that are just meant to be bottled :o)
P.S. Thank you for the lovely comment on my post re. my photographic skills... and yes, I do think it has alot to do with the new camera, although it's only a small Canon ixus, it takes a great photo!

Farmers Wifey said...

Stop it, just stop! No keep going, you are making me feel relaxed!!!!! and happy....

Cheryl said...


...One day, this will be me.

One day.


My Mummy Daze said...

I don't think that's selfish at all! Your weekend sounds amazing!! I try to avoid housework on the weekends too so we can just enjoy ourselves. 10 point to your hubby for letting you have a sleep-in!