Friday, September 23, 2011

Grateful For...Save Of The Day

School swimming lessons.
Teacher torture by any other name.

This week, dancing the dance of the pre-teen-girl-contorting-behind-inefficient-towel-hustle in the girls' change rooms I was confronted by the inevitable vagrant (definitely not to be confused with fragrant) undies on the bench.

As the all-of-a-sudden-ridiculously-modest girls were finally dressed and making their way out to the pool floor to enact a further round of chatty, hairbrushing mayhem on the general public, I was face to gusset with these rogue knickers that undoubtedly belonged to some young lady currently feeling the breeze.

Without being impolite, it was, ahem, visually obvious that the underwear had definitely been worn - possibly by a very environmentally conscious little lady, if you get my drift.

So. I was the responsible adult.
I couldn't knowingly leave said dacks in the change room.

But. I was also a grossed out squealing little chicken on the inside.
I couldn't pick them up. I couldn't even look at them.

I looked desperately through my handbag for something resembling those long gripper jaw things and was rewarded with a couple of pens.

I approached the enemy foul undies with two ballpoints in hand, considering my plan of attack when in raced a sweet saviour girl who rescued her stranded knickers (and this chook) and swiftly stepped into them with a giggle.

In that moment, relief and gratitude flooded in.
It was too close for comfort, I tell you.
I should know better.

Lesson learnt.
Next week I'll be packin' plastic.
As in gloves and bags.

Grateful for that close call - and moreso for the save of the day.

Linking up with much more mature and profound gratefuls @ Lioness Lady

Shar :-)

Post Script - to add insult to injury and up the eeewwww factor, I opened Magoo's lunch box after daycare this evening to find a band aid in there.
A dirty, little, germy, used band aid that is most definitely NOT his.
The gross out gods are playing with me.
I'm scared to go near our toilets.


LionessLady said...

Hysterical!!! I've had similar experiences in my Prep teaching days... with poop! You totally need to carry the gloves or at least some of tha hygenic hand wash business!

Thanks for stopping by to join in with grateful this week!

Kellie said...

ROFL!! I have tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so hard! Fabulous!!!!!!! Well, not really. ;)

Kirsty @ My Home Truths said...

You've had quite a week haven't you? I would have just left the vagrant undies there, could not have touched them - good on you for trying to do the right thing. As for the band-aid in the lunchbox...I have no words...ewww...

Becks said...

Ha Ha I love this post, I couldn't stop laughing. Thank You for sharing and making my day, I am sure that I'll giggle about this for some time to come. Bec xxx

Peggy said...

Oh my gosh that is HILARIOUS! The image of you rummaging for something that resembles 'long gripper jaw things'! HAHA You are funny.

Naomi said...

I may have, maybe, hypothetically, ignored undies in the change rooms when I was the teacher on duty. Maybe.... But don't tell anyone!

As for rubber gloves, I never go anywhere without them now.

Have a great (and gross free) weekend!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. Perhaps you may need the gloves and Dettol hand sanitizer next time? x

Thea said...

Oh no...too funny!!

Seana Smith said...

Yucky!!! You need some danger money in this job.... glad the girl got her knickers back where they belonged. Shivers!

Teresa said...

Ha ha ha - hilarious!

Farmers Wifey said...

oh my, very very funny! Dontcha wish you had chopsticks with you, they would have worked a treat!

My Mummy Daze said...

This is hilarious, Shar!

Loved it! I could visualise the stinky, wet change room and those lone, worn knickers!

As for the band-aid in the lunch box... EWWW!