Monday, September 19, 2011

Point + Shoot : Watch Me, Mum!

Sunday - 11: 15am : Steamy Pork Bun goodness @ Yum Cha.
This weekend I watched. A lot.

Not so much the box, but the boys.
(My own boys, promise!)

Oh - and maybe the West Coast Eagle variety too.


Watched the kms clocking up with running group.
I'm always glad I've dragged my butt out the door before reasonable o'clock on a Saturday morning when I join this beautiful bunch.

Watched Hubby and Magoo get their splash on at swim training.
(Less competitive types than my Hubby may know this as 'Baby/Toddler/Child swim' classes.)

Watched Hubby happily play with the new (and bonza bargain) additions to our camping gear on the front lawn.
Until he insisted I help him out with the whole pergola erection thing.
Oh, stop. Clean thoughts people.

Watched my son be arrested

maybe for piracy?!

(Ha ha! Now, that was a Dad joke.
Sorry. Didn't mean to step on your toes there, Hubby)

Watched an exhilarating game of footy and watched Magoo with maybe one third of one eye simultaneously.
A 3 point win in the end. The intense, edge-of-your-seat end.

Watched my two homelands battle out for rugby brag rights.
My 'Ireland' home won this round. But I get to brag either way.

Watched the wild weather blow away our Sunday morning plans.

(and our outdoor furniture - nice save Dad)

No Mummy run after all, no Daddy paddle after all, no hockey grand final cheer squading after all.

Instead we engaged in the fine art of soldier dunking.

Watch and learn, son.

Watched countless 'entertaining' concerts at the hands of the Magoo Wiggle.

(Looks like Jeff Wiggle managed to make the 7am concert after all. Wake up, Jeff!!)

Watched those fantastic yum cha yummies from above disappearing at an impressive rate

Watched, wrangled and wrestled with my inner hoarder as I coaxed our spare room (otherwise known as our very own not-so-natural disaster zone) into being a little less.. well, disastrous. The fallout however is still massive and may take weeks with teams of volunteers working around the clock. Anyone?

Watched the fruit and veg pile up at the markets while Magoo's soft serve ice cream did whatever the exact opposite to 'pile up' is. Run down your hands, I guess.

Watched our 'Marble Race' hand-me-down masterpiece suffer at the hands of Magoo.

Watched Hubby engage in some serious Marble Race envy when we googled 'Marble Race'.
(if you feel so inclined, avoid 'Marble Race @ Eeeeeric's' on YouTube. Magoo was not impressed when I closed it mid race due to explicit language issues!)

Watched my waistline expaaaand at an exponential rate.

Watched Sunday afternoon, turn into Sunday evening, somehow morph into Sunday night.
Another beautiful weekend -


No need whatsoever to
discuss the time lapse
 in these shots. Really.

Come Point + Shoot with the birthday girl, Lou @ Sunny + Scout.
Shar :-)


Angela said...

Great shots...looks like a fun wkend!

Sarah Grecco said...

Pork buns! I LOVE pork buns! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

Get Up & Go

Tamsyn said...

Woah, sounds like you had a full-on weekend! I love the 'swim training' comment, I'm the one guilty of being a tad too competitive in my family :)

rinniez said...

sounds lovely :) xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Always love your weekend run down Shar. It is possible that you have the most productive weekends of anyone I know, you seem to cram lots of lovely things into them. Oh marble race is a cool game, I used to love it.
I'm hearing you on the expanding waistline, mine also seems to have filled out of late... too much snacking :o/
Magoo is a cutie pirate that's for sure xo