Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grateful For... Her Next Door

As the Swedish say
'Love Where You Live'.
Well just the folk at Ikea, probably.

But I do.
Love where I live.

We won the neighbour lottery and have ended up smack bang in the middle of,
roll up, roll up, ladieeees and gentlemen... 
the greatest street on Earth.
Or close to anyway.

Where people just click - but not clique.
Where everyone waves, smiles or flags one another down.
Where we can chat, yell, laugh, cry, offload or drink an afternoon away.
Where our kids play - horribly one day, beautiful the next. And it's all good.
Where the older kids look out for the younger ones and make them the sweetest home made birthday cards.

Where random Thursday evenings somehow morph into little street parties on our lawn.
Where it's a-ok to be having a bad day.
Where someone's got your back at all times.
Where the Christmas street party is looked forward to and even 'rehearsed' for!
Where the comfort level is as high as the kids tearing around the place.

Where we deliberately leave our garage door up, the front door open and blinds raised.
Where kids can watch from the window and squeal "he's/she's hooooome now Mum!"
Where we can run over anytime pyjama-clad or bra-less for that cup of sugar, egg, thermometer, bottle opener or second opinion.

A great little cul de sac around a bend where the only traffic is local.
Where said traffic knows to be considerate of dogs, prams, small people, balls, bikes, scooters and anything else that moves.
Where even stray animals are cared for by the whole street - and toasted with a bottle of bubbly.

I'm so grateful for her next door, him up the street, those across the road and them in the corner...

I'm not alone in my gratitude here.

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Shar :-)


Jodi @ The Scribble Den said...

We live in a court where the kids play out the front riding their bikes, playing with the neighbours kids. There are some older folk who are just delightful. We are lucky too.

Lisa said...

How lovely! You are so lucky. I've never lived in a street like that but I have had some good neighbours from time to time.

Kymmie said...

It does sound like you live in the very best street. That sounds amazing, and I know there would be many a resident that would die for what you have.

We have a neighbourhood that's pretty fabulous too, and you're right. It's not something to be taken for granted...

Thank you for linking up today!

Naomi said...

Sounds like a great street to live in. We don't have that, I wish we did some days.

Mama of 2 boys said...

An awesome post Shar. I SO wish I lived in your street. Ours is actually not too bad, but there is none of the 'neighbourly' type of stuff. Everyone is civil and considerate, but we rarely see each other, everyone just seems too darn busy all the time... I guess we're guilty of the same.
In a neighbourhood like yours, you would struggle to ever leave. Nothing wrong with that though, enjoy! :o) xo

Peggy said...

Your street sounds just lovely Shar. We also have gorgeous neighbours. One elderly couple go away every winter and are away for a few months. When they returned last week the lady left a bag of lemons and a box of chocolates hanging off our front door with a note saying 'We are home.'. Bless. Love thy neighbour. xo

Kate Sins said...

What a wonderful place to live. My parents live in a street like that. So much fun and so many impromptu parties in summer. We wave to our neighbours but that's about it!

Posie Patchwork said...

Yay for you & anyone else who has experienced this amazing charm of street happiness. We had it, one posting ago, in Darwin, a cul de sac - no one other than those who lived there or knew there were children everywhere, drive slowly, came down our street. There were 9 houses/ 9 families, a mix of Army, Air Force & Navy, international families too, collectively 22 children. 8 families used the same school so they'd all walk (handy, with the school captain) to school together, it was magic. We mummies would ride on bikes behind them or wind off to preschool, the gym or wherever we needed to be. 7 of the families arrived together & 6 left together, it was so sad, there were tears, we all loved each other so much. It was completely in that 'we're here, but NOT uninivted or over the top' + as it's so outdoorsy, the children were in your garden, NOT your house & you didn't have to feed or water them. All round brilliant. Enjoy ENJOY as we do NOT have that now & with moving to the country next on our agenda, we'll never have it again. All i can say with 4 young children, it was fantastic, right down to the communal 20m slip & slide, love Posie

Blythe said...

Oh I so wish I lived on your street - it sounds wonderful!