Monday, September 5, 2011

Point + Shoot : A Dad & A Lad!

Sunday 6:30am
The much anticipated sock monkey joins the family.
I'm a sucker for a lovely mushy father/son moment
- and around here there are plenty for the picking.
Testament to what a super special Dad young Magoo has.
(Or the fact that I do most of the nasty disciplinarian stuff?!)

After a week or two of Magoo telling his Daddy at every Mummy-free opportunity that he was
"not going to talk to woo bout sock monkey pwesents,
or shishing wods or beer (port, actually love)"
- it's little wonder Hubby was not-so-much blown away by his Father's Day gifts.

Magoo did forget to blab about the father/son photo frame, cute book and personalised mug - so at least there was a tiny element of (corny) surprise left.

Luckily for Magoo, 'adorable blabbermouth' holds far more value
 than 'secret squirrel' in this home.

Hubby is easily pleased (a trait most evident in his choice of life partner, I'd say) and we enjoyed a beautiful day simply hanging out.

After the heart stopping surprise gift opening, I cooked a rather ordinary but much appreciated bacon omelette and we took our sweet morning time as a family for the first time in what seems like forever.

The rest of the morning was spent hanging out with the neighbours in the teaser of sunshine, playing with new toys at the park, getting absolutely drenched when the clouds gave way and soggily stopping for milkshakes and a "babytuna".

After all the exertion/excitement of unsuccessfully outrunning the rain,
Hubby had himself a paddle, Magoo had himself a nap and I had myself a mopping great time.

In the afternoon, after a spot of fishing in the backyard pool (?),  Hubby's family came over for another ordinary culinary effort on my part
- this time a lazy roast.
We played, refereed, ate & drank ourselves into contentment.

Somehow, a weekend that was apparently all about my boys'
special days was just as beautiful for me. 
They don't have to know that though.

Come point + shoot with Lou @ Sunny + Scout.

Shar :-)


Leese said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Blythe said...

Like Leese said, it sounds perfect. You used the word "lazy" twice, and to me, taht it an ideal description for the perfect day!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, don't you dare allude to being anything other than an absolute star and beautiful wife for your lucky hubby. Your weekend sounded utterly lovely and your hubby was thoroughly spoilt in my book. Love the pics. Magoo is such a sweetie :o) xo

Cheryl said...

Hear hear! I've had a nosy at your profile pic and you're gorgeous! ;o)

Sounds like a beautiful daddy's day weekend.