Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things You Didn't Want To Know About Me

I have been invited by Mandy from A Little Space Like Home to join in this link up.
I love receiving invitations, so rsvped with a yes and immediately began wondering what to wear.

Turns out there's no dress code.
Basically I'm required to divulge ten little offerings about my pitiful self and force you to read them!!
Feel free to dress up for the non occasion if you wish.

I. can. not. sing.
My lack of musical ability has been the bane of my existence since childhood.
It ruined every (almost) straight A report in school - and even uni.

I have had huge insecurity issues in the past.
And seriously bright red face when so much as looked at issues.
And insomnia issues. 
And food (or moreso, the avoidance of food) obsession issues.
My thirties have been kind to me in all of these respects. Hooray for aging!

I have appalling taste in television. I love the rubbish.
Reality rubbish really rocks my world.
Farmer wants A Wife, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Block... Bring it on. 

I lust after Robbie Williams.
I went to his last concert here two nights in a row - and loved, loved, loved them both.

I get super cranky if Hubby's in the room while I'm trying on outfits.
I don't like being watched when making these big decisions
(or is it when I'm all fussy, twirly, swirly, changing ten times, checking-my-butt in the mirror?!)

I worry about alcoholism. A lot. A lot more than I need to.

SEVEN (Hang in there!)
I am beyond impatient.
But working on it.

I have never eaten Vegemite or drank coffee. Ever.
Can't get past the smell.

I count 'shots' or backfires or firecrackers or whatever they are out there when I hear them and check the time.
One day the cops will turn to me for key evidence - and I'll be prepared.

I love teaching, but hold aspirations to one day pursue a career as an editor.
I'm certainly (self) trained in the art of the 'critical eye'.

You made it!

Now it's my turn to invite 5 other bloggers to play.
Come on down lucky ladies...

Julie @ Mama of Two Boys
Kate @ Our Little Sins
Loz @ Ninja Tales
Lou @ Sunny + Scout
Cheryl @ NUMBER FIVE   
I look forward to reading yours.

Shar :-)


Jane said...

Shar, you are funny! I'm a fellow coffee avoider. J x

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

I do the same thing with shots (bangs, cracks, anything!) - always check the time!
I'm also incredibly impatient! I have been working on it too! I find little things (and this is gonna sound ridiculous) like making myself wait to check my emails/messages/answer the phone/eat/have that cup of tea. It's like training myself to wait will make me more patient...
I'm not sure if it's working but it makes me feel better!

Miss Mandy said...

love it.

no vegemite, it's like the only spread I do have!

And I love Robbie, he is my celebrity pass, you know, like the one person you're allowed to pash without your husband getting cross.

I never got to his concert, pregnancy / sickness, *sigh

I'll think of you every time I hear a car back fire now you know that.

Thanks for joining in.

Kate Sins said...

I love these lists! And thanks for inviting me. Will have to get thinking...Most things about me are on my 'About' page!

Seriously, never drank coffee or eaten Vegemite? I can't believe it. Hehe, I'm also a clock checker when there's a bang. We get a surprising number of bangs for the 'burbs.

Kate Sins said...

Oh, and you're not pitiful... That's a terrible thing to say. x

Kate Sins said...

I just posted mine...!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, I like you more and more with every fact I read! This is fantastic and I will enedeavour to get my 10 things up and posted asap.
Let me just comment on a couple of your 10 facts.
I also love reality rubbish... Farmer Wants a Wife is one of my fave shows at the moment, just gets me all goose bumpy for some sad reason. Robbie Williams has the ability to get me all goose bumpy, for other reasons. Though my adoration has waned somewhat recently. He puts on a helluva show though, loved his concert!
I also can't have hubby in the room when I'm deciding what to wear... such a diva... because part of it is wanting to surprise him and see his reaction to my outfit, I like to see if it's a genuine 'WOW' reaction or not ;o)
Yep, impatient little thing here too... my Mama has always said I have the impatient gene in me.
AND never drank a coffee either, can't stand the thought of it actually (vegemite I tried during my frist pregnancy, some strange craving/temporary insanity moment, but didn't like it either!) Such weirdos aren't we ;o) xo

Mama of 2 boys said...

OH and the gunshots/fireworks/backfire... I do that too! Always check the time... part of my being a good informed citizen duty or something. Or like I said, just a total weirdo ;o)

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the invite lovely lady! Just posted mine :o)

I like to think I can sing but I must admit in my heart of hearts I'm a bit dubious as to my actual talent lol!!

Unfortunately I have a bit of a penchant for coffee and i do like marmite (is that the same thing?!)

Anyway, this is a great bit of fun... love it.

Thanks again :o)

ps. I am desperately trying to catch up on my blog reading and failing miserably!

Peggy said...

I seriously cannot believe you have never tried coffee! I did learn something about you today. :)