Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Did you catch Channel 9 last night?
When they aired a 'roasting' of Charlie Sheen??
Apparently it was comedy - and a bit of fun?

I understand the premise of a 'roast' is to make fun of our failings.
I get that. I do that.

But making light of drug addiction, criminal behaviour, poor parenting and abuse on an International forum??
I must have lost my sense of humour.

Yes, we didn't have to watch.
I didn't.
I've only seen parts (supposed 'highlights') of the 'roast' and that was plenty for me.

Charlie doesn't seem phased, so power to him.
I love a person who doesn't take themselves too seriously.

But would his family be 'phased'? His children be laughing along?
The people that he has hurt, abused or disappointed over the years?

Whilst on the surface it may seem a harmless poke at someone,
I can't help but think about the fact that this is someone's life.
Someone's life that is unravelling at an exponential rate.
The complete loss of dignity, massacre of his career, the abuse,
the pain his family would be experiencing,
no doubt the countless attempts by friends, family and professionals to 'clean him up'
- those thoughts don't make me laugh.

I've made I make inappropriate cracks regularly,
I've likened running to an addiction in a silly blog post -
but I cannot stand the media perpetuating absolute myths about the glamour or humour in addiction.
(ie. the tragic loss of a supremely talented Amy Winehouse)
Because, at the coalface, there is NOTHING remotely glamorous or humourous about a loved one in dire straits.

If you found this excuse for entertainment last night, amusing,
I don't mean to insult you.
I'm being highly sensitive and riding a high horse today.
Maybe you haven't been affected by the fallout of addiction in your life.
I pray that you, and these 'funnymen' never have to endure the pain of witnessing a family member or relationship devoured by this ugly monster - addiction.

I'm no mathematician
 but I can tell you that

the theft of a beautiful soul
the loss of entire days and precious memories
the resignation of dignity
pitiful lows
endless, repetitive one-way converations tirades
self sabotage
physical decline
family members who now get riled up over silly t.v. shows
when they should probably just chill out and step away from the keyboard!

Shar :-)


Jennie McClelland said...

Good on you. I've got degrees in psych & pharmacology (drugs) & addiction study was my specialty - depends what your poison is. Running is healthy, releases good natural drugs, i have a huge passion for the gym & healthy persuits too. I would easily say i'm addicted to sewing & creating, as i can cancel out all the obvious things i don't do like drinking alcohol, tea, coffee, eating chocolate, gambling, swearing, drugs, FaceBook, OMG, how boring do i sound??
Basically i'm raising my children on my own as my husband is at war, i don't have time for any negative addictions as i have to be 100% for my children 24/7.
I did not watch Charlie Sheen, i find him a sad sad case indeed. The only thing i have in common with him is 4 children including twins. I would not find that entertainment either, love Posie

Aneets said...

Yes I chose not to watch either. I can think of better things to do with my time than watch something so tacky.

Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

Well said. I watched a bit of it in pure horror - like watching a train wreck. I can't believe that that kind of "joking" is ok. How do we teach kids not to bully if this is what adults consider to be entertainment?
Nice to 'meet' you!
Sandra x

Mama of 2 boys said...

Great post Shar and I agree whole heartedly with everything you say about addiction. Thankfully I've never really been addicted to anything harmful... I don't count chocolate as harmful ;o) But it pains me greatly when people become lost to addiction. I remember when all the hoopla was happening around Ben Cousins and I just kept thinking, what a bloody waste... and what a bloody idiot!
As for Charlie Sheen, I really don't know what to say. Too much money, too much popularity, not enough ticker. Just a weak individual.
Oh and I fell asleep on the lounge, with my laptop... on my lap of all places and missed the whole show. I don't think I missed much! xo

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

These days I really don't bother watching TV except to watch forensic/serial killer stuff on Discovery or TruTV and my fave series Criminal Minds (huh, I guess I do have some

Honestly, I'm not too keen on anything Charlie Sheen, especially since his latest antics. The man is clearly disturbed, on the fast lane to self-destruction, and what he needs is someone to drag his stinkin' butt to the rehab for help. And may he stay there for a long, long time.

Like you, I can appreciate some inappropriate jokes and references, but putting someone like Charlie Sheen on any kind of a pedestal is really taking it too far.

Kate Sins said...

You're not sensitive, this is a serious issue. I didn't watch and I don't really care for Charlie Sheen; I have no experience of addiction myself, except food and coffee which aren't serious, and only a bit with family members' addictions but the consequences haven't been as bad, but I do know that when kids are involved it shouldn't be trivialised.

Good on you :)

MultipleMum said...

Charlie Sheen is a dick. It is such a tragedy that his family has to suffer while he swans around glamourising his sad, sorry lifestyle. I am with you. Addiction is no laughing matter. Thanks for Rewinding x

PS I just realised I wasn't following you (I thought I was) - just remedied!