Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Other Foot

Today was 'Kindy Orientation Day' at my school.

As a teacher, I've always been stupidly excited and enthusiastic about days like today.
I love meeting our new students and their families.
I love welcoming them and providing them with a taste of what next year will hold for us all.
I love being that bright, confident, reassuring voice that makes the session
a positive, encouraging one for the children and has them looking forward to what lies ahead.

But today was Magoo's Kindy Orientation Day at my school.

As a parent, I woke up with an uneasy feeling and a knot in my stomach this morning.
I was halfway through my run before I realised that what I was feeling was related to the orientation.
Today it was my turn to be the nervous, emotional parent who wasn't quite sure what to feel.

The shoe was well and truly on the other foot.
And it was a tad uncomfortable, that shoe!

Of course, our morning was just gorgeous and Magoo had an absolute ball.
The staff were really beautiful and ensured that the children thoroughly enjoyed their experience.
There was a lovely, warm feeling about the session and
I am genuinely delighted about our choice of school for next year.

Except for the part where my little baby boy will actually be going to school (4 full days!!!) next year.

Excuse me - I seem to have misplaced my little man and found this big boy instead.
If I'm a tad teary and nostalgic today
- I don't even want to think about the 1st of February next year!
Or that big school uniform/school bag business - aaggghh.

This umbilical cord needs an extension lead!

Shar :-)


Holli said...

I'm the same as you next year! Loosing my first born to Kinder!! It's going to be a day full of tears that's for sure! x

Modern Day Mummying said...

Isn't funny how as teachers we can reassure worried parents without thinking twice and don't understand why they work themselves up so much until we're standing on the same side as those parents :) My daughter has another year to go and I already want to hit pause!

Sophie xo

Coal Valley View said...

Gosh, I'm so with you here. I'll be sending 2 off though :-( Does this mean that you will be there teaching at the same time?

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Oh bless him, and you. Ollie's off to school over here next September, so I'm counting down already! x

MultipleMum said...

I know that feeling only too well. Two of mine have made the leap into the school yard. The twins will go 2014 and THAT will be the end. The tears will be bad.

Magoo will rock school. Just you wait and see x

Jess said...
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Jess said...

I'm dreading the day that I'll be sending Gracie off to school. I can't believe she'll be going to 3yr old kindy next year(only half a day mind you but it feels like she'll be gone all week!). You are a very strong, brave woman Shar and I know Magoo is very lucky to have a mummy such as you!

Mandy Ferry said...

know that feeling shar, my big boy went this week too.
thing is my daughter did it all last year so it's not so bad second time around, but I think I'll be a bit emotional next year when he actually starts for reals.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, Angus had his orientation day on Wednesday too! And I used some of the words you have to describe my sentiments also. I wasn't actually that nervous, but VERY nostalgic and quite emotional... not that I let on any of that, have to be strong for my little man. But like yourself, I am pretty stoked with our choice of school and the orientation went swimmingly. And also like you, I will try not to think about the end of January next year... until the end of January next year! Gorgeous photo of you two lovelies xo

Amanda said...

I know how you're felling, we have our kindy orientation next week too :( However, my little girl has 2 1/2 days a week not 4. It's hard going through all these exciting yet emotional firsts isn't it? x