Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Microwave For One, Anyone?

I was literally chopping a full tray of vegetables to roast with our dinner,
when I spied out of the corner of my beady little eye a segment on the Ellen show today.
The segment was a tribute to 'Book Awareness Week' in The States and featured some 'interesting' books that viewers has sent in.
They were hilarious.
Including this one..

Microwave for One

Until it wasn't hilarious after a moment and it made me super sad.

Microwave. For. One.
(Despite there being enough food on that cover to feed many 'ones'.)
Those three little words have sat with me all afternoon.

I mean no disrespect to anyone as I have lived alone for a period of time myself.
Despite a busy schedule and full social life, dinner was sometimes a lonely affair though.
There may or may not have been a fallback (slack) meal of microwaveable vegie pouches in effect.
I certainly didn't value my own company enough to serve myself three courses and a glass of wine!

With a family to feed, feral o'clock can be a minefield.
Getting a nutritious meal on the table each night can be a military operation.
(I have been known to begin the process before 8am. Regularly.)
Ensuring said meal is eaten (or appreciated) is sometimes a losing battle.

But it's a damn sight better than 'Microwave For One' in my eyes.

The next time I resent prepping, cooking, serving (or binning) a meal for my family,
I will thank Sonia Allison for reminding me to give thanks for the abundance in our household.

What's for dinner at your place tonight?

Shar :-)


Modern Day Mummying said...

I just made the yummiest Spinach and Ham Frittata for dinner for me and my girl! "Dinner for Two" my book title would read :) Even though I do cook for two my daughter is a little bit of a picky eater (that's normal right?!) so her dinners are pretty plain and I like mine with a bit of tatse so most days I cook two separate dinners. I have to admit though that book does look a little tragic :(

Sophie xo

Robs Con said...

I am enjoying following your blog and nominating you for a Liebster award - a great way to connect:)

Holli said...

I agree with you! I would take my craziness over 'Microwave For One" any day. Even though tonight I did Tuna and Veggies for the twins, Pasta and Veggies for Poppy, Steak for my husband and Chicken salad for me! Phew!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Now that is a really great way of looking at it Shar. Would never have thought of it, but eating on your own IS depressing... for the body and soul.