Sunday, November 25, 2012

Point + Shoot : Wiggle It

C'mon Mum - The Wiggles are waiting!!

This weekend was filled with plenty of the good stuff (I is eloquent hey?!),
but Sunday morning was one of particularly good stuff.
The much anticipated (well, in this household anyway!) annual Wiggles concert had finally arrived.

Despite all my non commercial parenting principles (before actually having children, of course), we're big Wiggles fans here.

This year we got to explore the newly opened Perth Arena - with almost every other family in the west.
Hubby and I were super impressed with the place - especially all the little touches that made our morning oh so easy.

While it was the original Wiggles' Farewell Tour, it was our time to Indoctrinate Missi into the Wiggly way.

Missi, however, wasn't overly excited by the awesome foursome and their friends - choosing to snooze her way through her first concert.
There may have been a tear in my eye though as we waved Murray, Greg and Jeff off for the last time.

How was your weekend?
Was it all hot potatoes - or more of the cold spaghetti variety?

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Shar :-)


sascedar said...

all hot potatoes here- gardening, first beach swim, beers at the surf club- happy days! i so love the wiggles, from way back in my EC study days. end of an era, man! have a tops week :)sarah

Modern Day Mummying said...

Definately hot potatoes here! Weather wise that is :) Sad to see these talented men go! I grew up with them and now my daughter enjoys them. My daughter woulv'e been in heaven at that concert... We don't really have anyone like The Wiggles now... They will be sorely missed.

Sophie xo

Mandy Ferry said...

I often wondered if those guys would just go on and on and on. lol. glad you had a good time.

Em said...

I've never heard of the Wiggles (living in the UK) and it looks like I've left it to late to find out more! Glad you had fun though

Mama of 2 boys said...

Awww, what beautiful family photos Shar... and a lovely family experience too. We are recent converts to the Wiggles phenomenon, but we do love them and their wiggly ways... plus all of their friends, Hello Dorothy!!

Thea said...

They're such fun aren't they?
We've been to two Wiggles concerts. I loved them as much as the kids did. We saw Sam both times though, would be great to see Greg.

Anne Downing said...

Love the wiggles. I can't wait to go to the Perth Arena, I hope it is better on the inside that the outside!