Thursday, November 15, 2012

Come...As You Are..

Today is PJ Day at Magoo's pre-kindy.

He's a tad miffed that I insisted on underwear though.
Fair enough too.

I'm thinking it should be more widespread than this.
Let's go for National Pyjama Day.

As in don't. do. a. thing.
(okay, maybe brush those teeth)
and come on out to play.

Shar :-)


Anne Downing said...

I could do with a PJ day!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Yeah I'd be all for a national PJ Day too... but that would mean no underwear, gotta go the whole hog! ;)
Magoo looks so darn cute, hope he had a good day xo

sascedar said...

last pj day at kindy? i forgot to send him in pjs. self-high-five! :)sarah

Shelley said...

Aw he looks so impressed with him self, even with undies! Go Maggo xx

Mandy Ferry said...

He looks so cute.