Friday, November 23, 2012

Grateful For ...The Christmas Blitz 2012


After a moment of panic earlier in the week -
I have now sorrrr.ted Christmas (as in the commercial, superficial side of Christmas) over the last two mornings.
Missi and I have gone hell for leather on the retail front - 
filling trolleys, nabbing bargains here, paying too much there, loading the car up over and over and tickety tick ticking our gift lists.
Well, my gift lists.
12 weeks old - and she still can't read or write. Tut tut.

Apart from two big ticket items that Santa's elves are busily preparing - we are a-go.
Wooo hooo!!

I am sooo grateful that I can feel all smug this weekend -
 and avoid the shops as much as possible over the next month.
(Until I realise that I've forgotten someone!)

Now I can't wait to put the tree up - so I have somewhere to put all this stuff!!

Are you gifted up?
Or have I made you feel sick at the thought?

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Shar :-)


Robs Con said...

So nice to be organised for Xmas!!! I am all gifted up too ....:)

Kate @ Our Little Sins said...

Good on you for being so organised! I haven't done a thing but the tree is going up Sunday so I suspect things will start happening soon!!

Modern Day Mummying said...

I started picking my lay by's up last night! Feels good to have a few things sorted :) I'm all about organisation this year!

Sophie xo

Two Aussies in Bots with a Baby said...

Tried to do this today Shar with hubby and the kidlets in tow, only to find the shopping centre car park packed out. Hubby almost had an altercation with someone who nabbed our park right in front of us, so I said let's go home before we lose ourselves to the chaos. Roll Xmas, school break up, and end of month all into one and you have the chaos that is Francistown at the moment ... gotta love living in Africa! :)

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky said...

Well done! You are very organised! I am waiting until I finish work for the year in three more weeks time (yep, that long!) to start my shopping. I will make the most of a child care day and smash it all at once :) Well done for getting all yours done.

Shelley said...

I'm jealous! And your making me a little sick ;)
I think I've finished the littlest but she's the easiest!

Maxabella said...

Oh I wish I was you right now!!! x