Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Caution - shameless, superficial gender stereotyping ahead...

I've always thought that I belong to a particular breed of Mum - that of the 'boy Mum'.

I'm pretty confident (and content) with frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.
(AKA sport, minimal hair fuss, trucks, trains, emergency vehicles, boardies, rough, tumble and social conflicts that are resolved almost instantaneously.)

But sugar and spice and all things nice?
That one had me a little rattled (in the most beautiful, exciting way) for a couple of weeks there.

Ironing all those frilly bits.
'Doing' hair.
Dancing schools - and that whole pageant princess thing...
these things scare me a little.

(Don't even get me started on my real, non-superficial fears about raising a girl/young woman.)

But hey, I am a girl, after all.
Surely I can figure this one out.

Yep - I think I'm going to be just fine with it!!!

Are you a boy Mum/girl Mum/far too open minded to pigeon hole yourself???

Shar :-)


SportyMummy said...

Great post Shar! I was very excited to hang blue clothes on the line after the pink of two girls....Having girls is great!! (Except for Dora ....... ;)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, you've got it ALL figured out.
I always find, when in doubt... shop! And so do you it seems!
Good on you love, you're going to have SO MUCH fun dressing your little doll. Must admit it's the one thing I've always thought would be lovely about having a pink bundle, the fashions!
I'd have to say that I'm a boy Mama now though, because really, it's all I know xoxo

Miss Mandy said...

the only thing I'll tell you is girls seem to collect so much stuff and it's all small with lots of pieces. barbies, little pet shop, crafts, dolls with clothes, blah blah, they need loads of tubs. Oh and then there is the make up. We just found squished lipstick under Lulu's bed when we moved it, it's also smeared on her doona and curtain. bloody make up, we've not bought any of it, but it still finds it's way into our house and makes her look like a drag queen.
just make sure you have the camera ready.

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Hahaha, judging by the clothes shopping I think you'll do just fine Shar. I agree with Mandy though, they collect soooooo much stuff (most of it useless) drives me insane.
After 3 girls my baby boy was a nice change, some boys clothes on the line!

Maxabella said...

I've got both genders, so I try to go with that! Both are challenging... x

MultipleMum said...

After two boys, I got the B/G twins. My little girl is a whole different kettle of fish than her brothers. In a good way. Except for Dora...

You will be a great girl-Mum Shar x

Coal Valley View said...

Wow, are you having a girl Shar? Did I miss a Post somewhere or is this the first reveal with all your girly purchases there? How exciting!! Um, I hd a girl first so I was used to that and the thought of possibly having boys the next time round brought me completely out of my comfort zone, especially since I am one of 3 girls myself. But now the family is dominated by the 3 boys to the point that I couldn't imagine another girl coming onto the scene. You'll be ace!! Mel xx

My Mummy Daze said...

Those clothes are making my clucky!! It'll take a while for the gender differences to come out. By the time you have a definite girl you'll be well and truly prepared! (I hope) xxx

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

oh did I miss something? YOu are having a girl? Congratulations that is deal with both of them enough already so I am sure you are more than prepared.x

Posie Patchwork said...

I love this, especially as every single pregnancy i thought i was having a boy, until i had 3 girls & assumed i was having a 4th daughter & got a boy, SO much for my imagination (& never finding out gender scientifically) i was wrong all the way. Let me see, i was a tom boy, my husband is a bloke's bloke (soldier, pretty blokey) so we're all about sport & outdoors, so when we had girl after girl it was like "ok, we're just treat them down the line & see how it goes". I loathe dolls, in fact they scare me, like clowns, so we were doll free & if any were gifts, they'd soon find their way to a charity shop. You do have control over such things & seeing i was apparently obsessed with a dummy, pixie toy & particular blanket, i never let any of my children get too attached to any single must-have, to avoid any drama, it worked.
Basically we wanted 4 children & treated them like they were going to be part of a large family, so no princess behaviour or spoilt tendencies, they had to share swings with other children etc. It did take me 3 girls before i bought a pink item of clothing for my children, then i fell in love with pink, good timing to have a boy, who had to wear pink jambes & singlets, why waste them & even at 8 years old, pink is still his favourite colour. Go him!!
Straight up you can't really pick it, my girls climb trees, dive in pools, leap off trampolines, all before they were 2, they were dare devils & my son followed along. I remember fishing him out of a hotel pool in Disneyland saying "honey, you can't swim yet" but he dived in after his sisters & we didn't panic as we knew he'd be OK, loving the water, but not quite up for a hotel deep end!! I like Lego & Meccano, so that is what all our children played with, i did find the odd daughter 'breastfeeding' a Pooh bear, it was gorgeous & they were all nurturers, kind & gentle, hard wired loving is just there.
Good luck, go with what is natural. I was a tom boy who turned out to be very motherly, my sister was a ballerina & struggled with it all. Sending you pink vibes & before you get too attached to this daughter, just know, she'll be a Daddy's girl & you are merely a in the way. Love Posie


Boycott Dora ! It's pure torture trying to listen to it !!!! As for pigeon hole... I bought Lucy a Bob the Builder workbench with hammer, screwdriver, nuts & bolts the other day ! I'm trying not to push too much girly stuff on her. She LOVES the workbench by the way lol

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

Ok I am pretty sure I have never missed a post, but obviously I have... Is this really what I think it means.... You are having a pink one???? Xxxxx