Thursday, May 10, 2012

Go Away!

It appears I'm not the only one feeling a little tense this week.

I snapped this outside an apartment as Magoo and I walked to the specialists rooms today.
I was amused.
There are a lot of medical suites in the area - this is obviously not one of them.

Then I signed a piece of paper requesting an urgent brain scan to detect the presence (or please please please God, the absence) of a brain tumour in my three year old son.

On the walk back I very nearly tore down the sign and took it home to my place.
I was empathic all of a sudden.

There's nothing more grounding than scary medical 'swear' words in black and white.
My heart refuses to slow down, my breathing is shallow and I'm literally throwing these stupid Maltesers down my throat.

Magoo will be just fine.
Magoo will be just fine.
Magoo will be just fine.
I know he will.

How do amazing families live with far, far worse circumstances each and every day????
It's beyond comprehension for me right now.


Vicky said...

Oh darlin. That's horrible. Sending you love light and strength to get through. The waiting is horrible. Xoxoxo

edenland said...

Oh, oh HON.

Love to you. Waiting is wicked. Sending you a truckload of maltesers. I hope all is well. I hope it is just a scare.


SportyMummy said...

Oh Shar..I just read your post..over and over in the hope I'd read it wrong.....CRAP!! please know that I am thinking, hoping and crossing my fingers for your family...Give that little sweet heart lots of cuddles and don't forget to look after yourself!

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Big hugs and prayers it is just a scare xx

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

What??? Oh geez, let's just hope it is a false scare.x

Lou said...


Mr Magoo, you are fabulous and I wish I had made you give me an extra squeeze at the park last week!

Prayers xx

Tamsyn said...

Oh Shar. I hope it's just a scare. I'll be sending lots of love your way. xxxx

Kristen Lea said...

Thinking of you and crossing everything I can possibly cross! xo

Mama of 2 boys said...

Ohhhhhh Shar, honey, what a shitty day.
I have fingers and toes crossed and positive thoughts of little Magoo, praying that it's a false alarm.
So many hugs to you tonight, I wish I could give them in person, but know I'm thinking of you all xoxoxoxoxo


Thinking of you during this tough time x

Anonymous said...

Sharon such a horrible thing for you lovely family to go through. We will cross everything for huddy!

Louise and rob

Bron said...

It really is a hard place to be in....the waiting game is terribly hard, the pain of not knowing is even worse.....we did it can may be a little bruised fro the experience but you will find a strength you never thought you would have. Praying for a good outcome for you and your little guy. x

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness! Shar, sending you all the love in the world and then some xox

Jane said...

Crossing everything crossable, Sweets. I hope the test results are returned ASAP. Waiting is the pits. Sending you a huge ♥ tonight. J x

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

Omg how terrifying for you. I have everything crossed that you receive some good news very soon Hun, and sending so much love your way xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Best wishes to Magoo & take are of yourself, everything crossed here, love Posie

Kate Sins said...

Big love and hugs, xo