Tuesday, May 8, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 34

In the words of Magoo -
"I happy!! So, so, so, so, soooooo happy!"

Today was the Mothers Day morning tea at Magoo's pre kindy/daycare.
It was also a day that I was scheduled to work.

Cue the eternal struggle of working Mums the world over.

Enter stage left the kindness and understanding of a colleague/assistant principal who thankfully 'gets it'.

I was so, so grateful to be given a little 'leave pass' during my school day to be with Magoo.

I've been on the other side countless times - comforting and trying to make it up to the students whose Mums/Dads/grandparents/family couldn't be at a special event for whatever reason.

My heart literally sank at the thought of that being Magoo today.

Instead, I got to enjoy the sweet, sweet experience that is a bunch of excited little ones parading their Mums around the room and singing their cute hearts out.

One small step for woman, one huge moment for this Mum.

Linking with a blissed out Fi and her 52 Week Project.

The 52 Week Project
Shar :-)


My Mummy Daze said...

Beautiful Shar. Got me all teary. I hate missing these things for the kids. You're so lucky that your colleague could help you out xxx Fi

Mama of 2 boys said...

What a beautiful photo of you Shar. You can see the light in your smile and the joy in your eyes. Those moments are so important to be there for and I'm so glad you have someone who 'gets it' in your working life. It's nice to have that kind of support when you're juggling all those balls. I bet Magoo was stoked also!

Wanderlust said...

Excellent!! I am going to my son's mother's day tea at school later this week. This will be the FIRST time I've been able to do that with either of my kids. Last year I had a meeting on that day and couldn't swing it. I hate that working parent push/pull. So glad you had the chance to go. Gorgeous picture, too (at first I thought you were holding up a pregnancy test stick!!).

Bron said...

Those moments truly are precious ...sooo glad you managed to be a part of it. x

Lee said...

So pleased you didn't miss such a lovely occasion Shar. Gorgeous photo too. x