Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Day My Cousin Came To Dinner...True Story

My cousin came over for dinner on the weekend.

Insert silly smile and excited shoulder thing I do that makes me look like a fool.

This might be a fairly ordinary occurrence for most people.

Not for me.

Every single one of my relatives live overseas.
90% of them literally on the other side of the world.

My cousin has come down under for a year (or hopefully more) to work, rest and play(Mars Bar anyone?!) and I'm a tad excited.

I was on a bit of a blood-relative-in-my-county-never-mind-my-home high after seeing my boys enjoy his company and after soaking up his familiar Irishness on Sunday.

Just like when I travelled home to Ireland with Magoo last year, he took to my cousin instantly and gave up the "I shy" game pretty much immediately. Magoo also refused to sleep without the gift that my cousin had given him. Four nights later and he's still attached to it. These kids, they just know.

My cous is thirteen years younger than me, so I'm sure he has better things to do here than entertain his old big-bellied cousin, but I'm so excited to have him around.

He has family from his 'other side' over here in Australia too - including some his own age, so I can't completely claim him while he's here - but a little innocent stalking should be perfectly acceptable on my part, right?

Do you ever crave that shared history/'our family's a bit nuts, isn't it' connection?

Shar :-)


Laura @ SpottyOwlDesign said...

Oh thats gorgeous!

nearly all of my family have moved away but at least they're still technically in the state (although WA is a biiiig state, haha)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh totally Shar! I think every family is a bit nuts at the core of it and it's only fellow relo's that truly 'get' it.
I don't know how you cope so well having all your family on the other side of the world. But how lovely to have your young cousin here for a while. You enjoy every moment... I'm hoping that will mean he gets to meet Muppet too!? xo