Wednesday, May 30, 2012

52 Wk Project : Wk 37

The sun.
That vitamin D.
My kryptonite!

I've noticed that I tend to have three effective (for me - do not try this at home) strategies for re-centring when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed/stressed/narky...

a) Go for a run. The faster, harder and longer  - the better.
b) Hang for 5pm (universal Mummy wine o'clock, no?) and pour myself a big ol glass of something blanc or verdelho.
c) Grab a book (mag, newspaper, piece of junk mail, anything...) and go sit in the sun.

With options a) & b) inaccessible to me at the moment,
Allellulia and praise the Lord for the beautiful sunshine we've been having over here lately.

The mornings are crisp, dark and fresh.
The evenings are chilly, but cosy indoors.
But the part in between, well, it is just glorious.

Anywhere in the sunshine really is my happy place - and, no doubt, one reason why I look a good five years older than I actually am (okay, maybe ten on a bad day even).

It's no surprise that my ipod (and favourite memories) are bursting with tracks that reference the  'rays' I love.
I'm partial to a bit of 'Chase The Sun', 'Let The Sunshine In', 'Blister in the Sun', 'Sun is Shining' etc. etc....

Sunny days = Good times.

Linking with Fi's 52 Week Project.
The 52 Week Project
Take a snap and join us in the sun!
Shar :-)


sascedar said...

so true! i love me a sunny song also, and because we have some delightful coastal rain forecast for the next week, some bob marley might be as close as i get to real vitamin d! have a tops week :) sarah.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh I am so with you on that vitamin D high, Shar. I adore the sunshine, it brings me to life. And funnily enough I'm a big fan of those sun shiny songs too. Chase The Sun is one of my all time faves also.
Legs are looking gooood in that shot xo

Kate Sins said...

Hmmm, I love the sunshine but I hate the heat! Not much sun in our part of the world at the moment, and certainly not enough to expose my legs!! Actually, that probably has more to do with the sight of them than the weather...! Love this and so glad that while you can't get our fix from the other two you still have this one. x

My Mummy Daze said...

Oh Shar I sooooo hear you! That lunch time Winter sun is glorious! Glad you can soak up those gorgeous rays xxx Fi

Lee said...

Nothing nicer than gentle winter sun! Love this shot and what it represents - self care. xx

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

I cannot tell you how good that photo of you sitting in the sun actually made me feel. Lol. It was like I suddenly had a flash of summer ... And then I realized my hot water bottle is the closest thing to warmth I am going to get for a while. Lap it up gorgeous girl xx