Thursday, May 31, 2012

Housework Physics

My (possibly flawed) theory...

For every household action, there is an equal houseWORK reaction.

It is simply up to me whether the 'action' is worth the consequential 'reaction'.

For example, in my (tad bit pedantic) world...

Fresh crusty rolls with lunch = a quick vac apres meal.

Painting = wiping the tiles (and various surfaces around the place) afterwards.

Baking with kid(s) = a serious, sticky wipe down and probably a mop.

Happy, splashy baths = bathroom wipe down and possible mop.

Craft activities = glue removal from furniture and vacuuming glitter for weeks.

Beach trips = sand sweeping/sucking for an undetermined period of time.

Renovation = weeks of pointless-getting-absolutely-nowhere cleaning.

Play doh play = picking crusty play doh from carpet, furniture, clothing, hair...

Icy poles  = sporadic wiping/mopping of sticky spots around the joint.

Toilet training = the necessary but tortuous equivalent of housework hell.

Home made cubbies = re-'homing' household items for days.

Parties = days of prior cleaning/setting up combined with days of post cleaning/pulling down

That cheap Christmas fake snow = days of window scrubbing and vacuuming.

All of these (and so many more) are completely worth it in my eyes.
Equitable equations that don't particularly phase me.

However, according to my scientific calculations, a sandpit tips the scales into dangerous territory.
A sandpit is absolutely not worth the house proud pain and suffering it would cause me.

Bad Mum Alert! Bad Mum Alert!

Hey, there's plenty of lovely sand to be found at the beach, the park, the building site around the corner...
and I tend to try to leave as much of it in situ as possible too!

No, honey. We won't be taking this one home.
And nor will Santa if he knows what's good for him.
The sandpit sand infiltrating every nook and cranny, toy and trinket in this place would surely send me over the edge.

I've seen others like me succumb to the pressure and then go down in an avalanche of sand induced anguish.
I'm drawing the line - in the sand, even.

I love me a good cubby, a tramp, the water table, messy tactile play, any outdoor toy or vehicle...
- but, sadly,  my children will be sandpit-less. 

I'm sure a therapist will gladly help them work through their deprived childhood - at my sand free expense.

Are you pro-pit?

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Definitely not pro-pit Shar. It's bad enough that it's dragged home from the preschool pit AND the beach, I just couldn't have one in our yard. Closest we've come was a sand/water table... of which as soon as it was filled with sand, it was quickly emptied of sand, onto our pavers and everywhere else.
Love this post. I agree with your housework physics theory, all good things do require some effort it seems.

Kate Sins said...

You are a very wonderful, fabulous Mum, some of those things annoy me immensely - play doh is banned at our house for the next little while - but I draw the line at sand. Ick. There will be no deprivation! He won't even miss it so no therapist needed.

Definitely not pro-pit. You could say anti-pit!

MultipleMum said...

My kids love a sandpit. We have one but it 'ran out of sand' some time ago now (lol). They get enough from their daycare and school right!?!

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Definitely no pit here. That's what the beach is for. There's also the cat poo issue too. We have a LOT of cats in our area and no matter how well you cover, they get in.

Lou said...

I would love a sand pit, but only for the babysitting qualities it possesses... we had one of those clam thingos with sand in it last year and it was actually fine, but I'm a heck of a lot less pedantic than you Shar!

Now that we have a cat, the poo issue freaks me out :/ EW.

Anonymous said...

Love our clamshell sand pit and so does my little cheeky chops. I actually jump in, add water and make cool castles with him. Also enjoy watching him work away with his diggers and dumpers. Now I may need to eat these words one day but for now we will enjoy our pit.
Will agree it does make some mess but all ok. Looks and sounds like your little man has heaps of fun there.

Laura @ SpottyOwlDesign said...

I'm down with mess... but we have tiles ;o)

I don't mind sandpits but we only had ours for a while. The thing I don't like about sandpits is the way they raise childcare fees.... by that I mean that given the amount of sand my kids bring home in their shoes each day (approx 1 cup each child, no joke!) the childcare must have to buy a cubic tonne of sand each fortnight, therefore increasing their costs and my fees ;o)

That's housework economics ;o) lol

Farmers Wifey said...

Go the sandpit....!

And the fresh crusty breadrolls..I love the ones that crumb everywhere..the absolute best!!