Thursday, March 17, 2011

Through A Child's Eyes

I may or may not have mentioned that we took our first overseas family holiday recently.
One of my concerns, cause I tend to always have a few on the go, was that Magoo would not cope with the air travel.
Aeroplanes are glorified torture chambers. Fact.
One cramped space for hours on end, limited access to your 'stuff'', the toilet, exercise, fresh freakin air.

I was just hoping Magoo wouldn't cotton onto these inconveniences / life threats and lose his little mind (cause two of us would be at least one too many for me to handle).
The lead up to the flight was full of fake excitement concealing fried nerves (on my part) and absolute sheer delight at what was ahead (on Magoo's part).

But once we arrived at the "planeport", I had little choice but to be caught up in Magoo's infectious enthusiasm. He was literally jumping out of his skin with excitement. He continuously asked where our plane was, if our plane was ready, who was on the plane, when the plane would be coming...
(I could choose to be irritated - or succumb to the magical wonder of the "planeport'.)

Magoo's eyes would widen and his little ears prick up every time he heard the "bom, bom, bom" of an announcement.
'That my pwane? Pwane ready?"
His face lit up like Christmas when our plane finally made it's appearance on the tarmac and he was joyously adamant that he'd seen his stroller being thrown onto the plane.

He told every person in the joint, quite smugly, that he was going on an "aeropwane" (as if they weren't?!) and proudly showed them all his aeroplane out there.
Feeling Magoo's sweaty little hand trembling with excitement and being tugged down the air bridge, I just had to be in that happy place too (while silently praying to the God of sleep to have mercy on us at some point.)

That's what I just love about kids.
Why I choose to spend my working life with them and why I always knew I wanted children.

The world is an awesome place through a child's eyes.

A child's eyes see the beauty of nature when we see a garden that needs this or that.
A child's eyes see the everyday miracles that we take for granted.
A child's eyes look for the fun while we look for the danger.
A child's eyes can see past the superficial and right to the core of someone.
A child's eyes believe when we want to disprove.
A child's eyes see fascinating detail while we take in the big picture.

We choose our perspective, as adults.

We can choose to wear those rose coloured glasses (that make us look dumb and socially ignorant) or them black, badass shades (that scare the baby cheeses out of anyone who dares to come too close).

We can choose to see that glass half full or half empty
(or in my case see that the glass has smudges and doesn't match the other glass).

What shall we see today?

Shar :-)


Hear Mum Roar said...

Oh, he's just so adorable! I can see how his excitement could turn your nerves around.

Danger Boy said...

A beautiful sentiment. Little Danger's first flight was taken very, very young but with the same enjoyment. I long to look at the world through his new eyes sometimes.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Great post! We took Mr7 overseas when he was two. I was TERRIFIED of the plane trip. He was an anxious kid and I thought he'd freak out (taking the lead from his mum, clearly). Instead, he travelled like a supermodel. Very blase about the whole thing. And we had a wonderful trip. If you need a playground in Europe, I'm your go-to girl.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

Seana Smith said...

Lovely photos and sentiments too. I like to think of myself as a glass half full mum, but it doesn't work that way every day. Love looking at jolly photos to cheer me up and the innocence of children and their enthusiasm is always uplifting.

MaƱana Mama said...

Lovely post! Your enthusiasm is infectious :)

ClaireyHewitt said...

Kids can make most scary situations a little less tense. In some ways, its a shame we all grow up!!

Amanda Kendle said...

Oh how gorgeous!!! We took the easy way out and flew to Europe (to see in-laws) when our little boy was just 4 months old - now we're waiting a couple of years at least - although your post has almost got me thinking otherwise ...

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Love it! I can feel and see his excitement!

Visiting from the Rewind.

MultipleMum said...

It is wonderful to stop and see the world through a child's eyes sometimes. They seem to be able to live in the moment better than I can. So glad the trip went so smoothly! Thanks for Rewinding x

Photographer Mum said...

Oh how exciting - we might be taking our 3 small people no plane at the end of the year, but i haven't told them in case it doesn't happen - I have been asked numerous times when we can go on a plane, so here's hoping in the not too distant future!!

Jane said...

This is a ripper, Shar. Thanks for the reminder! J x

Two Aussies in Bots with a Baby said...

Hi Shar - new to your blog but loving it so far - your enthusiasm for life jumps off the page :) It's wonderful to read and at 5 months pregnant you are already inspiring me to get running as soon as I can after baby is born. I'm more a 5km girl but you gotta start and build from something, right?! ;p Our little man LL has been flying since he was 6 months. Every time me and hubby would stress and stress over how he was going to handle it and aside from a few crying sessions here or there due to overtiredness not from being frightened, he's been a dream. He loves "waynes" as he calls them. I'm about to embark on the scariest trip yet though - just me and him at 2 years old flying from our dusty town here in Bots to good ol' Adelaide - 3 flights, over 24 hours of travel! Yikes what am I in for?? I keep reassuring myself that most of the flight is at night and fingers crossed he'll sleep ..... Nup I'm officially crazy ;) But seriously in my experience as long as he's entertained and has the attention of his parents, LL loves every aspect of flying!! It's us parents that get freaked by it :)