Saturday, March 12, 2011

In Law Love

Firstly, I am vey sorry to my sisters, my dawgs, my peeps -
you know - other daughter in laws.
I know I'm letting the team down. I know I'm a traitor, a disappointment,
a crossing-the-line disgrace,
I love my in laws.
Genuinely, truly love em.
(While I'm 'fessing - I have never and will never watch Glee. Lord knows, I have put hubby through some stuff over the years, but I would never do that to him.)

Anyway, my in laws are fantastic people (and I'm pretty sure they'd be 'anti-Glee' too).
I look forward to seeing them. I love to share a drink and have a laugh with my mother and father in law. I don't 'endure' family gatherings or send Magoo and Hubby over to his parents' place without me on weekends.
Shoot me now, envious, seething DILs !
Me, my Mum & Mum in law
I don't pretend to be anybody else around them (thank God, cause I am crapola at that stuff) and only censor my language a bit. Conversation is easy and we're all very aware and tolerant of each other's peculiarities!
 Read - they know I have neurotic tendencies and don't hold it against me.
I have absolutely nothing to contribute when the women around me get their ticket to ride on the 'in-law bitch express'.
I just stand at the station, wave and smile.
Oh, I've tried to join in. Recounting this one time a couple of years ago when my mother in law cuddled Magoo to sleep when I had worked my butt off to push 'self settling to sleep'. Yeah, that little token tidbit doesn't even get me to the next station! Talk about grasping at straws!

My in laws care for Magoo once a week when I am at work. They have converted their house into a practical wonderland for their three granboys and have a new toy (home made, thank you very much), gadget or activity to enthrall Magoo every week when he shows up. They also do their everyday stuff with Magoo in tow, taking him shopping, out for "babytunas", to the library, down the park, to the beach...
They spoil Magoo rotten, but are sensible and have even been known to say "no" once in a while (okay, just Nanna actually!)

My in laws have been clever enough to 'deny thy son' and take my side (more than once) when Hubby and I, let's say,  haven't seen eye to eye. :-) They often take digs at the poor guy on his husband shortcomings - and so they can, after thirty nine long, happy years married!

My in laws have bailed us out of a number of 'situations' that we have foolishly gotten ourselves into and don't hesitate to lend a hand when we are humble (smart) enough to ask. When Hubby travelled regularly for work, I would often come home at the end of a day to freshly mown lawns, repaired retic, a clean pool or very happy dog. I kid you not, I could tell by my dog if his Grandad had visited and played with him! I can, and have, called them in the middle of the night when heavily pregnant and convinced that my dog had been drugged or killed and I was being watched through the windows by a prowler outside. (Long story, but our dog is apparently a canine Houdini.)

My in laws are only a phone call (and a few minutes drive) away at any time, yet I have never felt smothered or controlled (my two biggest, heart quickening, sweat inducing fears) in our time as a family. I am usually the one to instigate dinners, drinks, swims, visits or holidays. We don't think twice before inviting them to our parties, out for yum cha or to see Magoo's latest trick. They don't think twice before rejecting half of our invitations either!

Although, my own family all live overseas and I miss them like crazy, I feel very much at home in my extended family. I know how blessed I am to have such fabulous people in my life and am very happy sitting here quietly at the station.

What's not to love!
In my smuggest moments, I do like to gloat and even suggest that other less fortunate women have obviously chosen their life partner, and therefore, in laws foolishly. As if my great fortune in the 'in law lottery' is in fact excellent life planning on my behalf.

Excuse me, think I might just text my mother in law and see how my homegirl is doing.

Shar :-)

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Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Wow! You are lucky! They sound fabulous! I thought my in-laws are pretty good, but I may have to have a word to them about the lawns and few other things round the house....