Monday, March 21, 2011


I am hereby nominating my gorgeous man for
my 'Father Of The Year' award.

(I'm slipping this in as he takes off to China for a coupla weeks, leaving Magoo and I to kill creepy crawlies and scoop dog poo for ourselves.)

(I may also be hoping that Hubby reads this before he receives notification that the police photographed his company issued vehicle exceeding the speed limit approximately ten minutes after I dropped him at the airport this evening. Love you babe.)

Hubby really is an amazing father. No deadbeat Dad here.
He's such a hero in our household, it can be just a little stomach turning at times!

Magoo's faces just lights up when his Daddy enters the room. 
The daily celebrations that erupt when this FOTY nominee comes home from work are sensational.
He is idolised and hounded!

Magoo regularly likes to perform a little ditty that goes
"Daaad's a builder. Can Daddy fix it? YES he can!"
Magoo believes that his Dad works anywhere that looks remotely cool to him, that his Dad is featured exclusively in the 'Avon Descent' promotional material and that he is also the sweet looking surfer rocking the 'Waves' billboard!

In Magoo's own words his Daddy is a "boolder" and a "rockstar".
Think 'Bob The Builder' meets 'Robbie Williams' and that's our guy.
Luckily for me, I'm a serious fan of Robbie.

Hubby is just so, so very patient - he actually spent a good part of his own birthday constructing a (sent to test) model army jeep that Magoo had gifted him.
He will tell pathetic jokes over and over if Magoo responds and happily lets him wear / play with anything that he owns.
Hubby is so unselfish he used part of a birthday voucher to buy Magoo a tennis racquet to match ours. (He's also a bit corny where Magoo is concerned. See previous post for 'matching hat exhibit a')

Our nominee for FOTY doesn't ask for much - edible meals, some beach time and a few minutes privacy in the toilet.
(We can manage the first two fairly easily, the last one is a work in progress.)

Even after a day at work he always finds a bit of energy to build great Duplo constructions, fix broken toys, throw Magoo around the pool, kick the footy, do puzzles or dance around like a maniac.  After a few too many beers with the boys, Hubby will still try really hard to read' Wombat Stew'.
No walk in the park.
Which,incidentally, Hubby also does with Magoo and I most evenings.

Since Magoo has become more 'fun' and less like 'work', Hubby often plans his training (and own lima lima deltas [little lay downs]) to coincide with Magoo's sleep times so he can maximise their boy time. That Daddy has shown Magoo how to do all sorts of sensible and not-so-sensible things. From building structurally sound block homes, to flicking rubber bands, to driving remote control cars, to driving real cars in our street, to changing a tyre in 12 minutes flat...

Our prospective FOTY rarely complains.
Lord knows, I probably do enough for the both of us. 

He's a super proud Papa bear, Hubby.
He genuinely - and mistakenly - believes Magoo to be the smartest kid in the whole world and the best junior junior ski paddler for that matter. Sometimes, he has had to be reigned in and quietly reminded that "dude, all kids do that at this age"

As we embark on a couple of weeks of the 'Mummy only' show, I just hope this woman can be man enough to fill these shoes. Logic would show a deficit of about 6 shoe sizes, but if I can rise to the occasion, maybe I too can earn my own Magoo style show tune.

Shar :-)

NB : I herby reserve the right to revoke this nomination should the nominee neglect to make contact with his son each day whilst in China, and leave me to pick up those smashed little pieces of toddler heart.

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