Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today is a good day.
A brilliant day.
Today I win.
(Not Lotto or any competition, I just get to feel like a winner!)

Today is a good day.
The "my kid is happy, therefore I am happy" kinda good.

Maybe it's a good day because my MIL drove over here early this morning
just so I could go for a run.
(In my world, that is a lovely thing - not a mean thing)

Maybe it has something to do with being clean and dry,
I repeat, clean and dry for over 24 hours now.
(Magoo and I, thank you very much)

Maybe a free day of fun activities has made it a winning day.
Magoo played the drums, bounced, dug sand, saw a fire truck, played with a wonderland of toys, kicked soccer goals and fed "manimals" courtesy of Playgroup WA.

Maybe it is the handsome fireman giving out stickers that makes it a winning day.
Just saying.

Maybe it's because I get to be married to the one on the left for
infinity and beyond!

Hope yours is a winning feeling kind of day.
If not, I broke my sunnies today - does that make you feel any better?

Shar :-)

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