Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Next Best Thing

What is the next best thing since sliced bread?

This one-off, full time working week
(how do you do it, Supermums?)
I would have to send my vote the way of pre washed, bagged lettuce!

But, is it really disposable nappies?

Or cordless telephones?

Or the hook that Hubby drilled into the brickwork that holds my screen door open?
Small pleasures, I tell you.

It's fairly safe to say it is not the gadget that warms baby wipes before use.

Or the 'AbRoller KingPro' and it's acquaintances.

Nor is it outdoor blower vac things - don't get me started.
Would I vacuum my carpet and then proceed to blow the barrel's contents onto my neighbour's carpet??? Huh?? 

What is your 'next best thing'?

Shar :-)

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you don't actually have one of those do you ?? They're so American !!! Nooo !!!