Monday, March 14, 2011


It's no secret Mother Nature has been in one seriously foul mood lately.
Like the last twelve months.

Not to make light of tragic, catastrophic situations, but I've been thinking that Mother Nature is suffering some real terrible PMT  - with far worse consequences than a bit of chocolate abuse and spousal snappiness.

But, this evening she has tried valiantly to redeem herself in our household.
While people in other parts of the world are still feeling her raging outbursts,
here in our tiny patch, Mother Nature has shown great mercy.

Last Tuesday our playgroup activity was planting some seeds.
We had a ball haphazardly throwing sweet corn seeds, watermelon seeds, soil and water into a pot.
Once we got home, we got busy.

A rubbish excuse, I know.
I admit, I am running for 'Worst Mother In The World' at the moment and very convincingly too.

So, I plonked the little seed pot on a ledge in the garage with an invisible, cute little sign that read 'not right now' or 'get to you later' with the intention of giving that pot a home, some attention - maybe even some water with Magoo.  
Um, that was last Tuesday. 

Being that I shoved the pot in the garage, I have guiltily remembered it's existence many times in the last week - but each time I happen to be getting into the car with a destination (and fast approaching estimated time of arrival) in mind.

After work this evening, Magoo and I went out to take our 'Energizer bunnydog' to the park (trying to cross at least one thing off the guilt trip itinerary today).
I happened another sheepish glance at the little pot on the garage ledge on my way out the back - and did a double take.

Lo and behold, the darn thing had ruddy well sprouted!! (How's that Alf Stewart?!)
I dropped everything (not Magoo, DOCS) and ran over to squeal in genuine delight.
Not the faux 'it's for the children' excitement, but real deal enthusiasm and disbelief.
We clapped and cheered and shook our heads! We have ourselves some little seedlings.

Magoo looks as astonished
as I was!

I'm not sure that Magoo has learnt anything constructive from this 'treat em mean, keep em keen' approach to gardening.
But hey, he has seedlings and he's happy.

 Thank you, Mother Naure, really.
But I'm sure there's a few other people who could do with an apology while you're feeling charitable.

Shar :-)

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