Thursday, September 13, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Thiiiings...

Whilst I'm still helium-filled and floating up here,
I do have some (albeit limited) head space for practicalities at the moment.

Superficial, materialistic, commercial practicalities.

Right now, I'm lovin'...

The Flip Bike
(reviewed here)

Missi gifted this little beauty to Magoo for his birthday.
So she's cute and clever - honestly!

Thanks to this nifty balance bike that weighs less than the baby and folds up to almost as small, we have been able to venture to the park and local shops each day with minimal 'training wheels' stress on this Mum.

Something about the rickety, noisy nature of those damn trainer wheels on a bike unnerves me - always has.
We'll go back to the real bike riding when Mummy's more mobile or Daddy's around.

Or not!


The Borrowed Bassinet
This gorgeous contraption has been loaned to us by a dear friend - and is quite the business.
From it's beautiful, simple shape and timber (which happens to match our decor nicely!) to it's generous size and safety - it's a winner.
Missi is out in the action with us during the day and is then hot-wheeled in beside my bed at night.
She tells me it's the best bassinet she's ever had.
And I'm inclined to believe her.

Pumpkin Patch Wraps
Do not underestimate the wrap.
I'm rather fussy 'bout me wraps!
I have some preferences - and will be loyal to my favourites if they fit the bill.
The Baby Patch 100% cotton jersey type wraps do just that.
They're closer to square than rectangular in shape and are the perfect size.
They are an ideal 'weight' and warmth.
They have a degree of elasticity that allow Houdini bubs to wriggle around without bringing the whole swaddle to it's knees.
Oh - and they're pretty too.

Thickened Formula
Is it possible to make a happy baby even happier?
Apparently so.
Missi was a cheery regurgitator.
From birth, I could hear her struggling to keep her milk down and spent a good few nights listening to her sweet refluxy, hiccupy symphony. (Vastly different from her brother's screamo version of reflux - but still preventing her from sleeping.)

Within a few days of breastfeeding leaving the building, I tried Missi on a thickened version of her formula.  Heellooo guzzler! It's safe to say this thirsty little girl is pretty satisfied with the change.

The Cleaner
With Hubby having only two days off work since Missi's birth, holding a birthday bash here at home and a caesarean delivery .. I have enlisted a little extra help.
I treated myself to a couple of weeks of my hairdresser's lovely Enjo-friendly cleaner.
She came and worked her magic around here yesterday and will be welcomed with open arms next Wednesday too.
I may just shed a tiny tear when she leaves next week.
A little luxury goes a long way.

And of course, The Childrens.
I had imagined how beautiful it would be to see my children loving on each other - but sometimes reality can outshine even our greatest fantasies.

Anything floating your boat this week?

Shar :-)


Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

I am with you on how awesome it is to see your little ones In love with each other! Blissful! And we have that bassinet - kept Bubs in there til she was nine months. It's awesome! And I'm dreaming about having a cleaner - even just two weeks sounds marvelous! Good on you for enlisting some help xxxx

Holli said...

Great you got some help! We have a cleaner once a fortnight and every time she comes I feel so fresh and new and like I can get through the next two weeks! :)

Holli said...

Great you got some help! We have a cleaner once a fortnight and every time she comes I feel so fresh and new and like I can get through the next two weeks! :)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Awww this is just such a lovely post Shar. So many things to be loving in that lot. And those picci's of your precious duo are heart melting. Oh and how wonderful would it be to have a cleaner ALL THE TIME!? xo

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Ah the wraps, the damn wraps they used to do my head in. Certain fabrics, sizes, is it too hot, the list goes on. Yes I was a fussy wrapper too.

Isn't it the best when you see your two kids cuddling, such a precious moment.x