Sunday, September 2, 2012

Point + Shoot : Smile + Weep

I am an annoying happy snapper who has sometimes fallen into the trap of believing that every moment worth remembering or celebrating also needs to be recorded.
Occasionally living life through the lens instead of in the moment.

But then, there are some moments in life that need no assistance 
to be etched into our memories forever more.

Life altering moments in time that replay themselves over and over
until every detail is completely embedded.

Although, having the precious snaps to tear up over isn't all that bad either.

Linking with Lou's Point + Shoot
point + shoot
Technically, these snaps are not from the weekend - but as I can barely distinguish the days of the week at the moment, let's let that slide.

Shar :-)


Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh LOVE LOVE LOVE! What more can I say. Your girl, now SHE is just perfect...that's what I'll say. Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day. Thank you for sharing such precious first pics Shar xoxo

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

So gorgeous Shar. That last one of Magoo and Missi is priceless. And she is SUCH a beauty. My gosh. No wonder she has you all wrapped around her teeny tiny fingers already! xx

Sophie Allen said...

There is nothing like those first newborn pics.

She is so precious! And I love that massive grin on Magoo, you can just see his chest puffed out with pride and love.

Congratulations again.

Lou said...

Soooo beautiful!!!!

I just want to come over there and give her a big big cuddle. And you too mama. Heck, everyone!

Big loves from these Bumas - welcomes to the girl young lady!

Kate Sins said...

ooooh, so excited to see these! sometimes we need to live life through the lens - i have no photos of mr 3's birth and very few from shortly afterwards. i loved being in the moment, but i think i'd prefer the reminder now! xoxo

Vicky Finch said...


Just gorgeous. Love the photo of magoo... His smile says it all.

Mandy Ferry said...

Oh how gorgeous is she. And tiny. Love.

Shelley said...

She is gorgeous! Just gorgeous! How special is that first cuddle with their big brother. Congrats again x

Amanda said...

What a precious brother sister shot x