Tuesday, September 11, 2012

52 Week Project : Wk 52 - It's A Wrap!

Made it!

52 weeks, 52 snaps of oneself, 52 cringes as I hit publish.

To channel Eddie McGuire... 
and what a year it has been!

From the first week of jumping into Fi's project 
when I took a quick snap in the mirror as I headed out the door to work -
to a year later sitting here on my couch with wet hair and my TWO children.

(Yep, I had a tear typing that.)

Who'd have thought, hey?

Well, I definitely had hoped.

In week 6 , when I posted a pic of my tattoo
- and bared my stomach in the process, kind people were so complimentary.
Praising that flat stomach - the one that I hated.
The flat stomach that meant - nuh - I wasn't 'in the family way' as I wished to be.

And then a few months later - I was.
And I got my growing belly back in front of the camera in week 24 to prove it!

I sure got more than I bargained for at many times through this project.
I learnt 'stuff' about myself and articulated 'stuff' I didn't think I could share publicly.
I'm pretty sure I shared 'stuff' publicly that people wish I hadn't!

In week 9,  I dared to bare all - revealing that I, in fact, have no eyebrows.
In week 11,  I admitted that I still struggle against the scales - daily.
In week 43, I even subjected you to a shot of a heavily pregnant woman (who shall remain nameless) in bathers.

It was very cool to have a bit of a visual pregnancy diary here in this space.
I thank you for indulging me and enduring all those belly shots.

When the going got tough and there was no way my red, sore eyes could face the camera, I improvised.
As I reflect, I can tell the weeks where my self image was a-struggling.
You saw sneaky peek-a-boo pics or shots of my legs, shoes or scalp feature at these times!

Thank you for riding the roller coaster of life ~ via pics ~ for the past 52 weeks.
Thank you Fi for the inspiration and push.

I'll keep my mug off the blog for a while now, hey?!

Shar :-)


Holli said...

You are one very brave lady!! Loved all the pics! Well done! :)

Mama of 2 boys said...

I have totally loved following your 52 weeks of selfies Shar...and I have seen all of them too! This last one is particularly touching, gorgeous Mama & babes. Amazing the events that can occur in the space of a year, kind of exciting & scary all at once xoxo