Sunday, September 23, 2012

Point + Shoot : Shooshee Shop

Saturday - midday

While I was busy a-baking my precious little lady,
there was something almost equally as exciting happening not too far from home.
A cute, squishy sushi train establishment has been conceived, nurtured and anticipated over the last few months.
The gestation period for this sweet beauty was remarkably well timed as it debuted
just before our lovely Missi came on the scene.

This weekend, the two newbies met - and it was love at first sight.
I mean, just look at the excitement.

Rest assured, the rest of the family compensated for Missi's nonchalance
with plenty of enthusiastic 'shooshee' shovelling. 

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Shar :-)


Jen R said...

Oh Shar she is soooo beautiful and love me some sushi too xx

purely4kids said...

What a beautiful baby girl, and yes, she looks just so excited - lol. Gotta love sushi - all 3 of my boys just adore it - especially sushi train - YUM!

Jane said...

A classic, Shar. Did Magoo eat it? I can't imagine any of mine doing that! J x

Shelley said...

Ah now I want some sushi! Would have to make my own in these parts. Long drive to a sushi train!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh so cute! Love a good eatery find & a child friendly one is just golden. Gorgeous pics...nice to see Missi being indoctrinated so early on ;) xo

jody said...

Oh she is beautiful! big congratulations to you. xx

HappeningsOfUs said...

I haven't had sushi in Agggeeess. Absolutely gorgeous

Em said...

Sushi and a newborn, sounds perfect!

Peggy said...

CONGRATS! She is just adorable. You must be happy and oh so proud.

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. I moved my blog to WP so now I never get reminded about my favourite blogs via google feed. Thought of you today though, so thought I'd drop in to say hello.

What a lovely sight, Magoo has a baby sister. Congrats Shar. xo