Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Rebellion

I'm living on the edge here in my bubble of bubby bliss this week.

Breaking more of 'the rules' and not giving a ....

I love how having real live actual children of my own has made me completely reassess
 my (often haughty, taughty, idealistic, unrealistic) ideas about parenthood.
I love that I break my own preconceived 'rules' on a regular basis.

The teacher component of me truly believes that it is not that difficult to fashion
a home made costume depicting a genuine character from a decent book.
You know, a literary gem by Mem Fox, Pamela Allen, Eric Carle or another recognised author.
This teacher doesn't see the need for commercial costumes or commercial characters.
This teacher thinks parents cop out buying costumes or allowing television characters
to be substituted for the real deal during Book Week celebrations.


This parent put the finishing touches on Magoo's costume for his pre kindy dress-up day on the weekend.
On Thursday, Magoo will be wearing my crapola mummy-made version of 'Murray'.
You know, from 'The Wiggles'.
That wonderful piece of literary genius - from the media/television!!

Despite an overflowing dress up box, bulging bookshelves and many firm favourites that I strongly approve of
-  the boy keeps coming back to Murray and his silly guitar!

Oh well.
He's four.
It's pre-kindy.

Maybe if I take the cute baby in for show and tell all will be forgiven?!
The Book Week bandit prepares to strike
See Teach - there IS a book to use as a pitiful excuse refer to!

Are you a hypocrite too?
Does your professional opinion contrdict your parental opinion?

Shar :-)


Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Absolutely Shar, all the time.
I think part of what I love about being a parent is that it makes me better at my job, as I'm more realistic about the expectations I have for families I'm working with and they appreciate that which makes for better results.
We did Angelina Ballerina last book week, in my mind it was ok because she was a book before a TV show.

Toni said...

You can rationalise it this way:

Book Week is meant to enthuse kids about reading

my kid already loves books

therefore he/she can wear anything that keeps everyone happy!

At least, that's how it goes at MY house!

Coal Valley View said...

Hi Shar - your bubble of bubby bliss is plain infectious. Keep it coming and regarding your previous posts (sorry for being a slack commenter!) please continue on with the posts on the gorgeous Missi and everything baby, parenting, children related. Wouldn't expect anything else :-)
Mel x

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh cute Magoo, he looks as happy as...well...Murray! And at the end of the day that is ALL that matters. You should have seen my dodgy excuse for a book week costume for Angus. I was a little taken aback that they were expected to dress up for it in preschool!? But still, I made some woolly ears & a black (feather boa) tail & off he went as his fave book doggy, Hairy Maclary. I felt so uncool sending him along with that, but it also made me beam to see how proud Angus was of those blessed ears, haha!