Friday, April 29, 2011

THE Wedding

Like much of the world I am truly in the girps of wedding fever here tonight.
I have dusted off my favourite blue frock, am slathered in tanning lotion and painting my nails.

However, whilst I am very happy for the royal (bit serious looking) Will & Kate and do absolutely love a good wedding, I have only one wedding on my social calendar this weekend and it ain't theirs.

The pomp, ceremony and regalia of it all doesn't do much for me at all.
It feels impersonal, over the top and cold.
At the risk of being burned at the stake, I think the royal wedding may just be the worst wedding I haven't been to.
Why couldn't somebody buck tradition and dare to smile for goodness sake?
It's a wedding - EVERYONE should be smiling.
Except maybe those six exes they invited.
(Yet, I watched, didn't I? All the while with Magoo in my ear saying "but, where's the baby Jesus, Mum?")

Forget Westminster Abbey.
I will be more than happy to be standing atop a beautiful stretch of our coastline to see our gorgeous friends commit to each other for happily ever after tomorrow.

I am positive that our bride and groom will delighted with us being just on time and certainly won't expect us to arrive hours early in anticipation of their arrival  (unless we're there for a surf).

I, for one, will be thrilled to do without 599 other guests to wrangle, wrestle and take down in order to get my hands on the canapes and champagne.

I would much rather enjoy the view over Cottesloe Beach than crane my neck looking at a Rembrandt and those ridiculous palace cornices.

So, congratulations and best wishes to the Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge, but I think the Bloomy's of Western Australia will be just my cup of tea - without that posh little finger in the air.

Happy weekend. Enjoy!

Shar :-)

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