Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beware of Falling Bricks

I have a number of habits and vices in my life.
Some healthy, like running, list making, tidying and Magoo.
Some not so great (but, oh so great) like chocolate and wine - and interrupting people. Terrible habit, that.

But, like beautiful Ben Cousins, it's the need to "launch into and annihilate" as many lines as possible that may just be my downfall.

Tetris, man.
How good is Tetris??

I rediscovered this super little game when I got a new phone earlier in the year.
I kid you not, the Tetris download is the single redeeming feature of the piece of rubbish that is my mobile.

Keep your hi tech graphics and 3D technology. Those little coloured, non violent, weapon free brick shapes are the business.

I play Tetris whenever I get a little down time and haven't got Magoo all up in my face - like in front of the tv at night, when I jump into bed (hey, Hubby's never here!), on the exercise bike during nap time, waiting for the traffic lights to change (kidding!)...

The falling bricks, the maneuvering shapes, tessellating the bricks and - boop - making a line disappear, I love it! It's a little hypnotic and a lot relaxing, soothing even.

I always start with the intention of 'doing a couple of lines', but the bricks take hold and a couple of lines turn into a couple more lines and before I know it, Gery's Anatomy is long gone, I'm still on the couch and the little red battery light on my phone is winking at me.

Um, if you haven't played I suggest you click below before passing judgement.
See you in an hour.

It all started so innocently, as it always does.

One Christmas soo long ago, my Mum stocking filled with a $2 electronic contraption called 'The Brick Game'. I recall my family spending the day arguing over whose turn it was to zone out completely, ignore the rest of the fam and play the game, Dad included.
It was a sad day when that little beauty died it's inevitable $2 death.

And cause you're dying to know - current high score ~ 90, 030 - but the night is young!

Shar :-)

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