Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bless you, Batman

P.M.T.   Putridly Miserable Today
P.M.T.   Pass Me The (Chocolate)
P.M.T.   Pushing My Threshold (people)
P.M.T    Pity My Toddler
P.M.T.   Population (of) Morons Time
P.M.T.   Peeved? Me? Totally.
P.M.T.   Probably My Temper
P.M.T.   Patience Missing Today
P.M.T.   Possibly My Tolerance (too)
P.T.M.   Positive Thoughts Mum!

But hey, Batman can always save the day!

Loving myself sick here in the bat cave!

Fear not, Mum. We'll find your happy pants again!

Nope, not under the bed.

Batman won't rest until he turns this day around.
Shar :-)

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