Thursday, April 21, 2011

Possibility of Showers

We're heading off camping over the Easter break.
Like in the morning.
(As long as Hubby's flight from China is in the loop and does it's thing as planned... a couple of breezy hours before our scheduled 'camping adventure departure time' - because that's how Hubby rolls. :-) )

Anyway, when most women think about camping, ablutions are a consideration.
I usually have a little (ha!) think about the showers.
Will there actually be showers?
Will they be far from our tent?
Will the water temperature be above the air temperature?
Will there be feral beings to contend with between said tent and showers?
Will these feral beings be of the animal or human variety?
Will the showers be relatively clean?
Will the spray resemble a ticklish trickle or a chinese massage?
Will I drink too much wine to find my way back from the showers?
Will my trusty thongs really save me from the array of fungal and bacterial infections on offer?

Well, there's no need to worry about not showering on this camping trip.
My friends at B.O.M. assure me that we'll have showers.
Few showers one day, morning showers on another, showers developing on others.
Thank goodness for that, hey?!

Showers or not, Magoo is more than ready to take the training wheels off his new sleeping bag. Bring it on.

Happy Easter from a very hardworking bunny and his Mummy.

Shar :-)

1 comment:

Lou said...

Every time, EVERY post Shar, you make me laugh. And giggle. A lot.

Best keep the thongs on in the shower, me thinks.