Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Life of No Connectivity

Well, hello again.
I have been internetless here for a week and tonight our connection was restored.
There's a lot to be said for the kindness of strangers - especially strangers with super computer genius powers. Forget xray vision and leaping tall buildings, boys - true modern day heroes know lots of cool stuff about I.P. addresses and don't hesitate to rip open a hard drive and play with the RAM.

Look at those three inadequate
lights- mocking me.

For some reason I was much less phased by a week of zero internet activity when I was lying by the pool in Borneo, than when here at home trying to pay bills, respond to requests, work, keep tabs on Hubby's spending, socialise, blog, monitor the Toys R Us sales...
Especially while Hubby is lying by the pool (okay, working) in China.

No internet connection
= no daily dose of Daddy via Skype (a sad thing)
= hours of mind numbing, patience frying calls to so called tech support (a frustrating thing)
= speaking to technicians (or imbeciles posing as 'technicians') in a way that I would never dare to face to face (a liberating, but guilt inducing thing)
= repeating "err.or. 8.1.5"  to anyone who would listen (a straightjacket thing)
= missing out on current photos and news of gorgeous newborn babes (a sooky thing)
= no B.O.M, therefore having to choose our clothes and activities without up to date weather activity information (a risky thing)
= no access to work emails (an undecided thing)
= approximately a million or so emails to contend with tonight (a time consuming thing)
= no progress on next term's Yr 5 programmes (a procrastinating made too easy thing)
= no blogging and no blog reading (an "I missed you" thing)

On the other hand, no internet activity
= not publishing a negative, self pitying, indulgent post entitled 'Goodbye, Cruel Week' last Friday night (a sensible thing)
= a cleaner house (a nice thing)
= going to bed earlier (a good thing)
= actually getting through my novels (also a good thing)
= having to clean out the study to prevent kind strangers from suffocating or being injured in a junk landslide (a necessary thing)
= learning a myriad of computer jargon and functions that, unfortunately, had absolutely nothing to do with my connectivity problem (a might-be-useful-one-day thing)
= reacquainting myself with obsolete items such as the paper bound telephone directory and the UBD - remember those (a nostalgic thing)

Well, we are connected... for now.
Magoo will be so pleased in the morning to see that "dat man" has "fixed the pooter".
He can stop telling random people that he only has three lights and you need more than that to see your Daddy.

Shar :-)

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Keshyra said...

That last sentence made me giggle, kids say the cutest things :)