Friday, April 29, 2011

Is It Time Yet?

How do we know when the time is 'right'?
I never seem to know - maybe it's because I don't wear a watch unless I'm on the run.

As a society we love to tell people when the 'right' time is.
When it's time to settle down, when it's time to marry, the 'right time' to have children (is there ever??), when it's a 'good time' to buy, the 'right time' to sell, when it's time to travel, time to retire, time to grow up...

How do you know when it's the right time?
It is in your gut? Your heart? Your head?
What if they all talk at once? Which one do you listen to?
What if you can't make sense of any of them?

How do you know when to blow the whistle, end the game and get off the field?
When to cut your lossess, pull the pin, take the plunge and every other metaphor?

How do you know when a friendship has run it's course and it's 'time' to let it go?
How do you know when a relationship or association is more toxic than it is healthy and it's 'time' to end it?
How do you know when a marriage is actually dead in the water and not just floating aimlessly for a while?
How do you know when to give up on a goal, a dream and refocus?
How do you know when it's 'time' to let your child lead the way?
How do you know when a job or career move and all that it brings is far outweighing all that it takes from you?
How do you know when it's 'time' to go back to your roots and maybe put some down there too?
How do you know when it's 'time' to just lower your expectations, grin and bear it.
How do you know when it's 'time' to stop resisting, trying and just let it be?
How do you know when  it's 'time' to stop bending backwards for everyone and stand straight?

Is the fat lady really singing - or is she just belting out a tune in the shower momentarily?

When is it 'time' to bin all these Easter chocolates and be done with them?

And... how come I always know when it's wine o'clock??

Shar :-)

If you don't hear from me, the punctuation police will have arrested me for overuse of the coveted question mark. Sorry. But, if you can answer just one of those questions, please do.

1 comment:

Romina Garcia said...

What a beautiful, thought provoking post.
Yes I believe that you do know when the right time is.
I strongly believe in fate though. At the end of the day I think that everything happens in life for a reason. Even if you don't know what the reason is at that time, it will unfold as it should.