Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stockin' Up

So the end of the world came and went.
Thank goodness, really.

Had we spontaneously combusted
(or whatever was predicted - I wasn't paying attention teach, sorry. I know - less talking, more listening. Story of my life.)
there would have been a lot of product gone to waste around this place.

The world cannot, should not, better not end anytime soon
as I have enough toilet paper on board to take us well into the next millennium.
(Slight exaggeration - but with a tad more storage space in the laundry I certainly would.)

We don't run out of 'stuff' at my joint.

I'm not exactly sure why, but I shop like nuclear warfare is about to break out.
Always have, since leaving home many years ago.

At any given time, you will find huge stashes of toilet paper, paper towel, tinned diced tomatoes, baking paper, rice, cheese, dips, vegetable stock, crackers, sparkling water, butter, sponges, nappies, wipes, bedsheets, toiletries 
and much more in various locations around this house.

I live in the suburbs.
We have seven day trading here in the West now.
There is a perfectly well stocked independent supermarket a few minutes walk from my home.

I dare say this is yet another illustration of my  'control issues' and I living in perfect harmony.

The thought of 'running out' of something doesn't sit well with me.
(As in, my heart is palpitating at the thought.)
Hence, the neighbours know exactly where to find that cup of sugar, an egg or ten,  the cream of tartar,
a bottle of champagne, spring onions or similar when the need arises.

I buy things 'just in case' and would rather have to ditch something next week
than run the risk of needing it and not having it this week.
(Stupidly first world and indulgent, I know.)
I love a good 'drop in' but I also like to be prepared for such an occasion!
In our street, impromptu parties can start at the drop of a hat (or visit to the letterbox)
 so my stockpiling has paid off on many an evening over the years.
I have a store of 'just in case' gifts and choccies too - because being caught out would send me into conniptions.

Thanks to producing another gorgeous little person earlier this year, 
I get to revisit another area in which I pathetically like to stock up - baby food.

Missi has started eating food recently.
We can now formally confirm that she is definitely our child as she is quite the little piggy.
Overeating is a bona fide family trait of ours.
That said, she is only four months old and only eating small cubes of various vegetables at this stage. But very enthusiastically.
Would kill for a bit of that Christmas turkey, guys.
So, this is the current state of my freezer door...

(This is minus the 56 cubes of potato I have added since taking that pic earlier today!)

I may not have been able to breastfeed successfully, but I can steam, blend and freeze a mean vegetable my friends.

Given that Missi is currently eating approximately three cubes per day at the moment,
 there is enough food here to last her a fair amount of time.
(About two months or so if we were doing the maths.)
Nonetheless, I have plans to add some more fruit options to this slightly ridiculous store during the week.

I have also been purchasing a couple of pre-packaged baby squeezie food thingies every time I hit the supermarket.
You know, just in case.
Missi hasn't actually had any of them yet - but the pile is mounting.
Just in case.

Do you like to be well stocked - or are you living on the edge - one flimsy roll away from running out???
How long should fruit/vegetables keep in the freezer??

Shar :-)


Anonymous said...

Haha, Glad im not the only one Shar. Dear husband built me a pantry in the garage...its now stocked with everything we could need if the world ever ended.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how long fruit veg should keep in the freezer - its a good question! I think I'm pretty in between - we actually ran out of milk last week! I have a pretty good supple of toilet paper though.... I used to do the freezer cube thing when mine were babies too:)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..oh Shar that made me laugh...I cant believe Missi is on solids already that has gone sooo quickly...she is supa cute in that pic xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Very funny Shar, I actually know what you mean though... and since acquiring more space with the kitchen reno, I've been stockpiling like nobody's business. My big things are cereal, muesli bars, Goulburn Valley fruit, cheese, pasta... and when they're on special, even more so!
Had to laugh at the cream of tartar, sure as anything if there is one thing missing from the pantry to complete a recipe, it's the cream of tartar!
Missi is SO cute, getting so big now xo

Julia Kuku Couture said...

I just stumbled upon your blog.

This is sooo funny I must say I am the opposite. I wish I was like you but I run out of things on a daily basis.

Happy new year

Mandy Ferry said...

Holly Crap that is organised.

Kate @ Our Little Sins said...

Hahaha! You are priceless. I stockpile some things - tissues, toilet paper, wipes etc - but we seem to run out of others like no-one's business - milk, cereal and all the other things my kids LOVE!