Sunday, December 23, 2012

Point + Shoot : Aloha!

Good things come to those who wait ... a few months.

Saturday night marked our first night out on the town since we became Mum + Dad of two gorgeous little monkeys.

And it was good.

The occasion was Hubby's best mate's Hawaiian themed birthday bash and, as expected,
it was a wonderful night.
It may have been that fetching grass skirt that Hubby was sporting,
but it was so fantastic to spend a few hours being just 'us' again.
Social, silly 'us'.
'Us' minus the immediate parental responsibilities that we are used to these days.

Of course, I checked my phone an average of six times each hour and chose to drive.
But, the night was a step towards reclaiming a little bit of 'me' and a little bit of 'us' for a few hours.

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How was your weekend?
Escape your 'norm' for a little while too?

Shar :-)

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Mama of 2 boys said...

Ahhhhh how wonderful Shar! Those nights ARE the best and so so good for the relationship. You two look like a couple of teenagers, so cute. Parents on the loose, love it! xo