Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Princess And The A/C

Once upon a time there lived a princess.
A spoilt princess with a few control issues it seemed.
You see, she really liked being able to control her environment.
Reeeeeally liked it.

The princess and her hubby prince were not fancy people.
She wouldn't have even noticed the difference between laminate or stone on a bench top.

But she did like her ducted, reverse cycle air conditioning, this princess.

That was until a ridiculous almost-Summer-time storm hit the West where she lived and virtually blew up a component of the air conditioning.
The very component which offered the cooling effect the princess so enjoyed.

So, in the days that followed,  a trusty air conditioning repairman was summonsed to visit the castle.
He identified the issue, ordered the necessary parts and went on his merry way.

Unfortunately, before these parts could arrive the temperature in the West began to rise.
And rise.
And rise.

This made the princess quite agitated and sweaty indeed.
She was feeling very sorry for her poor children who were sleeping (or trying to sleep) in sauna-like conditions in their bedrooms.
The princess begged the prince to request the air conditioning repairman "doooo somethiiing".
But alas, there was little relief to be found.

For now, the spoilt princess is standing in front of a pedestal fan, spraying the room with a mist of cold water and wondering how she ever lived happily ever after before installing air con five years ago.

To be continued....


Robs Con said...

Sounds like sheer hell, in fact as hot as hell!!!!

Mandy Ferry said...

he he, i've got the visuals. Hope you get a cool change soon.

Loz said...

Are we the same person? My husband quite often tells me.. That I have lived in this country for 20 years.. Start acclimatising! I say... Shut up and put the air con on ;)

Lisa said...

This princess has never known the joy to arise from an air conditioned home. It's the pedestal fan or nothing for me! I look forward to the glorious day where we get ducted heating and an air conditioner! Though, we live in VIC not WA, yikes! Good luck!

Toni said...

I'm kind of the opposite.
I almost perch on the tile fire in winter and I'm happy most of summer with fans.
Husband, though, is talking about getting airconditioning put in to this RENTED HOUSE. Yep.

Anne Downing said...

It was hot last night! We only have fans and I think we need to put in aircon!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, I know you guys get it hot over there... and sometimes for days on end. So hard when you have littlies too. We have no aircon and no fans in our place and last weekend we had a couple of scorchers. I literally felt as though I might melt away. Ergh! Hope you get your cool air back on soon, princess! xoxo