Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When Nothing Goes Right...

Maxabella wrote about picnicking your troubles away over at Village Voices this week.
Whilst I initially clicked over there for her Chicken and Leek Pie recipe, I came away with this beauty instead...

"When nothing goes right, go outside".

No truer words have been spoken.
Or typed.
Or virtually shared.
Or whatever.

Claustrophobia seems to be my go-to condition when a day turns to bleeeuuuaaaggh (which can be known to happen long before midday!) or anxiety starts to build.

Some people like to (or maybe tend to - 'cause who likes being a ball of anxious mess, really??) shut themselves off from the world in times of stress or distress.

Not I.

I tend to throw open the doors and windows, scour the street for our neighbours or roll out the bike/pram combo and get the kids moving.
Take some time to get me breathing. Listening. Recentring.

There really is something 'great' about the great outdoors.
Fresh air is one powerful prescription - and so budget friendly!

One of my favourite elements of these Summer months, is being outdoors in the evenings.
Whether it's playing and chatting on our lawn, chalk drawing on the driveway, taking dinner down to the beach or walking/riding before bedtime - it's a therapy all of it's own for me.

Which makes me a little wistful as I watch another few Summer storms come rolling in here on the West!!
It's Summer - but not as we know it.

Shar :-)


Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Yesterday, my little one was grouchy and whiny, we went down to the park and as soon as we stepped outside we was happy. "He just wanted some breeze," said my number 2 girl. So true! X

Mama of 2 boys said...

Yep! Couldn't agree more Shar, I have always noticed just how much better we all feel when we get outside those four walls of home... especially on the ratty days... and we have a few around here! I love Summer for this reason also, just so much easier and so many more things to do, when the sun shines and the heat is on xo