Saturday, December 15, 2012

Grateful for...An Extra Pair

These last few days have felt luxurious.
Absolutely blissful.
Truly decadent.

Whilst I haven't actually been living a life of indulgence as such, I feel as though I have!

There has been no silver service or 5 star hospitality in sight
- but my Hubby has been at home this week.

Hubby has been resting and recuperating from his (successful) nose op around here 
- with a bit of work and Facebooking thrown in for good measure.
(The man has finally succumbed and joined the Facebook revolution - just a tad behind the rest of the so-called civilised world!)

For my dodgy wrists, having an extra pair of hands around the house - literally
- is the best medicine possible.

For my energy and tolerance levels having another adult - particularly the one you adore
-around the house has been the best treat possible.

At times, I have almost felt ashamed of my good fortune - at the expense of Hubby's nasal passages!
I've also felt incredibly guilty this week when talking to girlfriends who haven't had the luxury of 'popping to the shop/chemist/kindy/hand surgeon' with little fanfare or pack-horsing.
I have even used a single handbag on a number of occasions this week!

I'm so very grateful for the week of shared parenting that I have enjoyed.
Really enjoyed.

And I guess I should be grateful that Hubby's recovery has been so terrific, he will return to work a number of days earlier than expected.
Yeah. Excellent. :-)

How was your week?
Any lucky breaks come your way?

Linking with 52 Weeks of Grateful over @ Village Voices.

Shar :-)


Robs Con said...

So lovely to have your hubby home, especially when the kids are little - such a help - enjoy! I definitely had a few lucky breaks this week - it has been a good week:)

Super Ordinary Mum said...

I have had my hubby home since mid September as he recovers from heart surgery. Enjoy these moments. Soozxx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh how wonderful Shar, good news all round. I must admit I LOVE having hubby around too, although it is a rarity around these parts. Now don't you go punching hubby in the nose in your sleep or anything, just so he has to take a few more days off to recover... and don't pretend you haven't thought about it ;)
Missi is looking delightful there xo

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

it is always special when the hubs is home to share the load, keep you company and just be there with you. Hope he has recovered well too xxx

Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Good news! It does make an amazing difference to have your partner home! And one handbag is awesome! I feel your joy for that!! It's just starting to happen more regularly here xx

Maxabella said...

I always, always love your perspective on life, Shar. You are something special, you really are. x

E. said...

An extra pair of parenting hands is awesome. Glad you got to share the load and he recovered well.