Monday, October 15, 2012

Super Survivor

You know, some days I  feel like (barely) 'Surviving-Mum' and other days I'm all 'Super-Mum' on this parenting/housewife-ing gig.
The reality is, most days I'm probably 'Somewhere In Between-Mum'.

It doesn't take much to swing between survival mode and super mode either.

For me, at the moment, the amount of sleep I manage each night has a big influence.
Biiiig influence!

At other times in my 'Mumming' career it has hung on how many public tantrums Magoo had subjected me (and the general playground/shopping centre/zoo population) to.
Or whether I'd found the time, energy or inclination to do as much cleaning as I'd planned.
Or whether yet another playgroup Mum had looked and said "is he still not crawling?"
Or whether I'd steely ignored Magoo's crying in an effort to help him 'self settle' 
- only to find that his poor little arm was stuck in the cot bars.
you get the idea.

It's a roller coaster we ride.
For me, the emotional investment in this incredibly rewarding 'job' has my self image swinging all over the shop sometimes.

Today - after a hairy night with Missi and a couple of seriously aching wrists -  
I'm thankful for Beth's Salmon One Pot Wonder recipe and a lovely trip to the zoo with friends.

As swiftly as those gorgeous gibbons this morning, I've swung from sleepy survivor to somewhere higher up the vine in my mind  - all thanks to a simple (but showy) dinner in the oven and a content couple of kidlets snoozing away behind me here.

How are you faring in your job today?

Shar :-)


Jane said...

Oh Shar. Hang in there, Gorgeous. These newborn days are tough. J x

sascedar said...

it's the sleep that makes the world of difference. we had a shocker last night- teething 1yo, 3yo wet the bed. i ended up 'sleeping' on the lounge. but a big walk for all of us for the school run did the trick. wishing you a good night (lots of them really). take care ;)sarah

Kate Sins said...

Oooh, it will all shift soon. That four month mark for me (with both kids) brought that horrible sleepiness to an end... But yeah, I hear you - I still swing from one to the other!! I don't know that I'm faring all that well but Mr 3 said last night "Mummy I love you the best because you're just lovely". Maybe not doing too badly? Though Mr 1 did fall off the table earlier in the evening. Yes. The table. SIGH.

Mama of 2 boys said...

I get this totally Shar. I don't think that super vs survivor mentality stops even once the babies are toddlers or big kids either. And I feel like I'm swinging constantly, sometimes multiple times in a day. I think we're all bloody super ;) Glad you had an enjoyable day with friends Hun xo