Monday, October 29, 2012

A Good Baby?

Since having Missi, I've noticed that many, many people like to ask
 "is she a good baby?"

Do they mean is she settled? Happy? Healthy?
Or are they asking if she is generous, loving, accepting, supporting various charities and in favour of equal opportunity?

What exactly do 'good' babies do?
Humanitarian work?

And are they 'good' babies - as opposed to 'bad' babies?

'Bad' babies then - are they nasty, vindictive, selfish, conniving little ones
- plotting our demise from their cots?
I think not.

I know that people don't mean anything with their innocent question.
My defensiveness on this one actually comes from years ago and not from my experiences with Missi.
She is what people would term one of those 'good' babies
- she's generally chilled, has few health issues and is sleeping relatively well for her age.

I good girl!! :-)

Magoo, on the other hand, was not.
Any of these things.

Magoo was a sick little man, in pain a lot of the time.
He cried. A lot.
He had colic, reflux, a hernia, a floppy larynx, oversized adenoids, sleep apnoea, a dairy allergy....
I guess that made him a 'bad' baby and I guess that why my mummy feathers get ruffled by such a simple question.
Bad boy, bad boy - whatcha gonna do?
I'm the first to admit that Magoo and I travelled a bumpy path in those first few months of his life.
A path that led to far too many waiting rooms, specialists suites and hospitals.
But, I can't stand having him labelled as a 'bad' baby.
Tears spring at the thought.

But then, the Harry Hypocrite that I am now tells Mr. Magoo that he is a 'good' kid, a 'good' boy, a 'good' sort constantly!

Did you have 'good' or 'bad' bubs?
Why do we love labels so much??

Shar :-)


Mandy Ferry said...

You look at them and can't help but to love them and that makes it all good enough.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Awww, he sure was a CUTE bad boy... aren't they all ;) Yes, it is a pretty stupid question isn't it... and yet, I am certain I have uttered those very (stupid) words in my time too. You've given me something to consider next time I go to ask a parent a question of that nature though. Look at how gorgeous Missi is, seriously growing up so fast xo

Lou said...

Oh Shar you make me giggle!

'Humanitarian work', indeed.

You know I never ever thought of Magoo as a 'bad' baby - just that you were always conquering something together. I'm so glad that Missi is more chilled out - but gosh, if she was I know that you'd be the most qualified mama to handle anything!

Can't wait to see all of you very very soon xx

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

I am afraid I do label, I like to say challenging or harder work though. Glad I got my more challenging one out of the way first though. Funny how I keep walking on eggshells waiting for the traits to appear with my second, but thank goodness they haven't yet!xx

Anonymous said...

IM with you Shar,
I guess i had two 'Good' babies BUT, doesnt make it any easier. Midnight feeds, teething, wind, sickness. No such thing as good and bad when it comes to babies, just 'Good' and WONDERFUL!!!

Kate @ Our Little Sins said...

I might ...have been known to retort "what the hell do you mean by good? that's a really stupid question. he's a baby" to people who ask that RIDICULOUS question. My back is up just reading that people are asking you such a stupid question. I loathe it. People really are so stupid aren't they?!

Jinnifer richard said...

looking very nice baby and so cute. i really love her.

Jane said...

I loathe that question as well, Shar. I was asked it by a neighbour as we were putting 8 week old Joshua into his car-seat to drive to sleep school! I could tell she didn't have children. Hmm. J x