Friday, October 19, 2012

Grateful For... Support & Sexy Beasts

Physical support in the form of this sexy beast...
My old faithful (even uglier, if you can believe it) wrist splint cracked in half this week
 - just when I had started to rely on it.
I was grateful to Hubby and his dazzling electrical tape that night.
Honestly - 'motherhood' and 'dignity' have no business being in the same sentence around here!

But, I was super grateful to our local physio who ordered me a replacement of sorts 
- and on the double!

Emotional support in the form of many sexy beasts that I'm lucky enough to call friends...
Just hearing other women voicing their frustrations/challenges and experiences
has such a soothing effect on me.
Whilst I wish that motherhood was smooth sailing for all of us,
in reality it's not - so it's comforting to have others to ride the waves with.

Linknig with Maxabella Loves' 52 Weeks of Grateful

Happy weekend.
I hope you get to spend it with the ones you love - and smothered in support of all kinds.

Shar :-)


Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Oh no, Shar you poor thing. Are you ok? Hope you have a great weekend with your beautiful babes. x

Seana Smith said...

Just what you need! You're so ride about riding the waves together. Fifteen years of motherhood later and I'm still to be found at the school gate getting advice, sympathy and my tears wiped away.

Maxabella said...

I don't think it's smooth sailing for anyone! But it's still awful that you need your splint. Poor Shar. x

Mumabulous said...

No dignity in motherhood - you got that one right sister! Hope your arm heals up toot sweet.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Completely and utterly undignified, I've said it for ages now. You poor love, it must make it that much more difficult having your arm all strapped up like that.
Nothing makes me feel better than other mothers stories at the moment... I'm going through a tough phase too. It's just one tough phase after another. All worth it of course, just tough xoxo

Holli said...

Oh dear! You poor thing. I hope it is better real soon!!

sascedar said...

here's to sharing the sailing with a reliable crew! argh, me hearties. :)sarah