Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oct huh?

In some bizarre and mystic coincidence both my wall calendar and diary are incorrect right now.
Strangely they both (accidentally, surely?) claim that we're well and truly into October 2012.

The year has barely begun.
I had myself a teeny little baby in August for goodness' sake.
It can't possibly be October.

How embarrassment for both manufacturers.

But why is my phone sadly mistaken too?

Shar :-)


Modern Day Mummying said...

Shar you I just came home from a shopping trip and it seems that it's not only October BUT Christmas is around the corner as well! Atleast that's what I think all of those decorations and displays are for!!!

Frightening isn't it...

Sophie xo

Loz said...

I think we need a press conference to deal with this one. How VERY dare they lead us on to believe such nonsense. I mean, next they'll be saying I'll have a 3 year old on Wednesday. Absurd.

Maxabella said...

Something is definitely wrong with all the calendars I've been seeing lately too. I mean, seriously, WTF!?! x

Mama of 2 boys said...

You know I actually just had a conversation about this with my neighbour today! October yeah?? Really?? This year has been a bit of a blur actually. Hopefully the next 3 months slow down a tad, though I doubt that xo