Friday, October 26, 2012

Grateful For... Abundance

So, you know you're pretty damn fortunate when you can't put together a grateful post.
I'm struggling this week - not because of a lack of material, but because I don't know where to begin.

This week has brought about a lot of clarity for me.
It's as though I can see so clearly how blessed I am right now.
I'm so grateful for so many elements in my life and lifestyle.

Despite the lack of sleep, painful wrists or that stupid pool leak - I have no complaints.
I really don't.

Many people would give anything to be up in the night, needed by their own beautiful child.
People would give their right hand to have my hormonally stuffed and inflamed, baby holding dodgy right hand.
There are people who dream of having a place to call home and maintenance issues to roll their eyes over.

I could whack up a grateful post or 50 today - with so many different aspects of each day to be grateful for.

Our life is busy - in all the best ways -  and is filled with beautiful people.

Magoo is constantly amazing me with his gorgeous nature and the way he has embraced big brotherhood.
I am literally bursting with pride and love - and feel I can't convey to him enough just how appreciated he is.

That little girl of mine  - and her light up my day (or night) smile - is just a gift.
A sweet, warm gift of bliss!!

Hubby and I are in a good place 
- uniting in our parenting and slowly managing to push our relationship higher up on the priorities list around here.

I look around (deliberately ignoring the state of the floors) and marvel at how I arrived at this point
- how lucky I am to be the 'Mum' and the 'wife' in this family.

But I really should get this 'Mum' and 'wife' backside behind that vacuum
- unfortunately the privilege comes with responsibilities too!

What are you feeling all lucky punk about today?

Linking with Maxabella Loves' 52 Weeks of Grateful - 'cause I can.
Shar :-)


Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Such a beautiful happy place you're in!! This post had me smiling! And realising I am grateful for all that too! Just swap the pool with the shower! xx

Toni said...

oh, beautiful post, Shar! And what a beautiful place to be in.

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

You sound so, so happy. How wonderful. Hope you have a fabulous weekend with your gorgeous family x

Anne Downing said...

I can relate to this post, we even have a pool leak over here!

Mandy Ferry said...

note to self, must pull finger out and get back into gratefulness, thanks for the reminder.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Shar, your gratefulness is palpable here and so very lovely to read about. I love how passionately you take life on, very inspirational. And yes, we ALL need to just ignore those floors more often I am thinking ;) xo

Holli said...

What a lovely place to be in. I love reading your grateful posts. :)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

OH wow, this is beautiful & all so true. I'm getting this mother & wife bottom behind the vacuum now, grateful i have 4 active children who run barefoot through the house & garden, love the outdoors & just ate a delicious seafood BBQ cooked by my amazing husband, who hates seafood!! Love Posie